YOUNG BREEDS is Promoting Purposeful and Holistic Development in Youths and Children! Discover How…

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Young Breeds, a registered non-governmental organization, is committed to promoting children and youth development. The running vision behind Young Breeds is in raising a new breed of young people who are purposeful and holistically developed.


Our approach in doing this, is by influencing positive changes in children and youths through a mindset re-orientation, value system, life skills education, capacity building, mentoring and learning environments that provides an ambience for total development.



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How Young Breeds is Promoting Purposeful and Holistic Development in Youths and Children:


  1. Ameliorate the life skills deficiency in young people that has led to mis-direction, uncertainties, vices and the supposed unemployment crisis through the model of Holistic Education that embraces life skill education;


  1. Provide training, coaching, tutoring and mentoring to young people through formal & informal education across various cadres;


  1. Improve the state of learning environments with the creation of youth development centers;


  1. Provide other initiatives and projects to enhance children & youth development with allied organizations;


  1. Raise a new generation of purposeful and holistic youths across the African continent who will be visionary, economical valuable, societal impactful and financially viable.

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