Why YOUNG BREEDS’ Youth Development Center reminds us of Sir George Williams’ Y.M.C.A

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The popular ‘The Young Men’s Christian Association’ (commonly known as YMCA or simply ‘the Y’) is a worldwide organisation founded in 1844 by Sir George Williams with the aim of putting Christian principles into practice by developing a healthy “body, mind, and spirit.” for youths and preserve them from the temptations of alcohol, gambling, and prostitution which in turn would promote good citizenship.


Just like Sir Williams’ vision for wholesome youths, Abraham Owoseni, the founder of Young Breeds, aims to promote purposeful and holistic development in youths and children.



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The Youth Development Center is a conscious attempt to influence the learning environments of young people whilst providing access to holistic education.


It aims at facilitating their learning process through responsive and inclusive learning spaces that will aid their holistic development.


The broader vision encompasses spaces and facilities to build young people across our defined areas of youth development: Spiritual, Physical, Emotional and Career.


However, in driving towards that destination, we have embarked on a microcosm for the center bases, where we establish such centers within the context of school environments to specifically ameliorate the life skills gap amongst the student members.


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Setting Up of The Youth Development Centers (YDC)


In December, 2014, the pioneer Youth Development Center YDC was established at Vetland Senior Grammar School, Lagos. In October, 2016, the second center was established at AUD Junior Comprehensive College, Ogun State.


The first center in Agege, Lagos, Nigeria has trained over 100 student members and the ripple impact of the center to other indirect beneficiaries in the school and neighboring communities has been amazing.


The vision was strengthened based on our understanding of True education; we call this: Purposeful Education. According to UNICEF, “Education that helps young people develop (LIFE SKILLS) has transformative potential” and life skill based education enables individuals to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of everyday life.’



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The Future of Education

The medieval educational delivery has somewhat positioned young people to have a dependency mentality.


Today, many young people think education is just about passing examinations, taking a degree, getting married and settling down, but there is a wider expanse to it. This, is what YDC is about- Mindset re-orientation and instilling of a new value system to young people.


By addressing the grass root of youth development, which are mostly secondary school students, the Youth Development Centers serve as life skill centers, career counselling centers and as resource libraries. The intervention since established has considerably addressed challenges such as moral and ethical delinquencies, unhealthy and unhygienic habits, teenage pregnancy, illicit relationships, poor reading culture, poor academic performances and wrong career choices that results into the supposed challenges of youth uncertainties, under/unemployment and social vices.


We look forward to the establishment of more centers whilst we establish detached centers for formal and informal career education of young people.


Indeed, the educational landscape in Africa can be redefined by instilling appropriate and relevant life skills and knowledge in young people that will make them holistically developed, relevant and purposeful


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