Yield Leadership Initiative is a faith based NGO Registered under the Corporate Affairs Commission as an Incorporated Trustee.


Her vision was given by God, founded on Jesus Christ and Led by the Holy Spirit. It is a Youth Initiative for Empowerment, Leadership and potential Development.

Youths have to yield their maximum productivity and be all they are meant to be.

We embark on various projects through 5 focus group (which are: Yield Women, Yield Outreach, Yield Leadership and Potential Development, Yield Education and Yield International) with our aim solely on developing the potential of youths.

We are on a mission to ensure that youths maximise their potentials and are fully empowered to be leaders in the sectors they find themselves in, thus being the best version of themselves.


Projects thus far:

  • Maths Instinct Surulere: Free Maths lessons for secondary students (JSS1 to SS3) aimed at maximising the academic potential of students.
  • Maths Instinct Surulere Award: Recognising and rewarding academic and community development excellence.
  • Leadership and Community Development Workshop: Practical training for Secondary School Students in Surulere on leadership and community development.
  • SWAG Network: A gathering of female youths to network and be reminded of who they are.
  • Vision Board Party London: Enabling youths visualise their goals (presenting their goals in pictures).


Ongoing Project: Yield Online Community

This is an online community for youths between ages 12 – 30.

Through the online community, we will be able to teach youths life skills that will empower them for life; train them on what true leadership is and give them a platform to identify, develop and utilise their potentials.

We believe youths are the leaders of today because tomorrow was yesterday. Youths have the potential to lead and be nation builders if their potentials are harnessed.

We love youths and want to ensure that they have the capacity and the right mind set to lead where ever they find themselves. We are determined to raise a new kind of youth: a God kind, infused with mental capacity, wisdom and intellect. Youths that will take up leadership today because the time is NOW!!!

Get Connected

We look forward to welcoming you on board. Do contact us to be a part of the amazing work at Yield Leadership Initiative.

  • Contact us by sending us an email

Email: info@yieldleadershipinitiative.org

  • Don’t be a stranger, we should be friends on social media: follow us;

Instagram: @yieldleadership

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