SHE WRITES WOMAN is The Safe Haven for Women Living with Mental Disorders in Nigeria

SHE WRITES WOMAN is The Safe Haven for Women Living with Mental Disorders in Nigeria


She Writes Woman (a movement of love, hope and support) is on a mission to end mental health stigma and discrimination in Nigeria, ensuring that women living with mental disorders are believed, understood and given adequate support.

She Writes Woman, founded in April 17, 2016 by Hauwa Ojeifo, is a Non-governmental organization based in Lagos (Nigeria) gradually spreading to other locations across Nigeria such as Ibadan and Abuja.

The organization ensures that people living with mental disorders are believed, understood and supported by using creative initiatives such as Safe place, Talkback Thursday Crisis Call Centre and Creative Gift Store.

The organization also helps everyone understand the impact of their actions and behaviour by taking back the narrative of people living with mental disorders and ending the stigma one conversation at a time.



She Writes Woman has been pivotal in social change around mental health through its initiatives. The organization launched the first 24/7 mental health crisis helpline in Nigeria, which has assisted more than 200 women gain the support they need.

She Writes Woman is also as a Safe Place program where women living with mental disorders are given a safe space to speak freely about their experiences without being stigmatized.

She Writes Woman also uses its instagram handle to create awareness, educate people on mental health, start and drive conversations around mental health.



The She Writes Woman team is passionate about the mission and vision of the organization. The team is divided into various unit such as Editorial, Project Management, PR/Marketing Communications, Monitoring and Research, Creative and Administrative unit. Each member of the organization is meant to perform their job responsibilities as a unit and a whole.  The PR/ Marketing Communications team create strategies that would better tell the story of the organisation and create awareness about the organisation’s aims and objectives.



Tel: +2348174913329

E-mail:  hello@shewriteswoman.org

Instagram: @SheWritesWoman

Website: http://shewriteswoman.org

Twitter: @SheWritesWoman


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