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Reading is an awesome venture; its impact in our lives is transformative. Literacy is the bridge from misery to hope.

As the world commemorate world read aloud day, members of Aspire book club embarked on reading aloud sessions. During the read aloud session held in the club, Bayo Adebowale’s Lonely Days was read.


Aspire book club is a community book club composed of secondary school students of Adventist Senior Secondary School in Shao a Community in Kwara state which is led by Ojumu Olalekan . Olalekan is a volunteer for volunteer Service Overseas.


Ojumu Olalekan_ Aspire Book Club_worldread aloud day_changeforsociety_CFS
Ojumu Olalekan and a few members of Aspire Book Club


Why Students Should Embrace Reading Aloud

  • Reading aloud among students has many benefits;
  • It is a positive way of developing reading habits.
  • It helps strengthens speaking, listening, and sharpens comprehension skills,
  • It helps students appreciate the beauty and rhythm of language,
  • Enhances imagination and observation of the book read,
  •  Improves critical and creative thinking skills,
  •  Fosters bond between students and gives them a sense of belonging through shared literary experience.


About the book Lonely Days:

The book explores the world of widows especially in Africa. They are targets of repression and hostility, forever leading a life of aloofness: silenced, subdued and humiliated. Their rights are trampled upon by the custodians of tradition. The book’s main character Yaremi whose tribulations and ordeals are graphically recorded and ingeniously woven into a great story here.


more pictures

Ojumu Olalekan_ Aspire Book Club_worldread aloud day_changeforsociety_CFS_3
A member of Aspire Book Club reading Aloud


Ojumu Olalekan_ Aspire Book Club_worldread aloud day_changeforsociety_CFS_4


Ojumu Olalekan_ Aspire Book Club_worldread aloud day_changeforsociety_CFS_5


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