World Mental Health Day- YOU Are Not ALONE

Why do we celebrate World Mental Health Day?

Maybe, just maybe, if we lived in a world where people aren’t judged when they talk about their mental health. How it affects them, how they struggle to find balance and keep sanity through the chaos they face.

Maybe if people didn’t have to keep to themselves when they truly desire to open up about problems that society expects them to “deal with”
Maybe if people who suffer from mental illnesses weren’t discriminated against, mocked, or shamed.

Maybe if society’s answers to problems wasn’t to “Deal with it”, “Toughen up”, “You are a man”, “Nobody cares”. Maybe, just maybe we wouldn’t have a world mental health day.

Why do we celebrate?

Well, we celebrate because of the fighters amongst us going through that chaos. Those people fighting secret wars, afraid to speak about them, for they might be mocked. You are not alone.

We celebrate those with mental illnesses, afraid of what the world might think of them. You are not alone.

We celebrate the people living with deformities, the ones who are subjects to the constant internet trolls and bullies. You are amazing.

We celebrate the people who have lived through trauma. Do not be afraid. We are here with you.

We celebrate those who society has silenced because of speaking up. We are proud of you. You need no longer be hushed.

To everyone who has gone through tough times, or is going through one now… You are not alone. We are here for you, now and forever.

Happy World Mental Health Day. I am glad you are here.

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