WOMEN with Enviable Self-esteem and Power Improves Our Society! And The Pearl Academy Nigeria is Championing this Cause

WOMEN with Enviable Self-esteem and Power Improves Our Society! And The Pearl Academy Nigeria is Championing this Cause


“When life throws a punch at you, pick yourself up and move on” as simple as that saying is, in real life it really isn’t that easy to get up. We have had founders talk about how they started their dreams and nurtured it till it flourished.


Today, Omajuwa Alli talks to CFS about starting The Pearl Academy Nigeria, overcoming a difficult time in her life while pursing the vision and finding peace with the woman she is today…




Events Leading to the Birth of The Pearl Academy Nigeria

“I observed, through my experiences from childhood and those of so many females around me, that there was something deeper than money and beauty that really affected everyone. This determined those who pursued their dream and those who settled for whatever life offered.

I discovered that it was a healthy self-esteem and self-worth. There were more people settling [for anything], including myself at some point, and I had a strong desire to change these statistics.

The Pearl Academy Nigeria was borne out of a desire to ensure that every female is no longer held back from achieving all she wants to as a result of a poor self-esteem.”


Pursuing the Vision Tirelessly, Losing a Loved one and Getting Back on Track

“I started pursuing this vision by being the go-to-person for my friends and offering   ’counseling sessions’ for them but I took it a step further by blogging back in 2015. I really wanted to use stories, life experiences and wise words to pass a message across to as many women as I could but I lost the desire to blog when I lost my mum at the end of 2015.

Later on, I had an Instagram page (Dear Woman Series) where I used letter format to pour out my heart to women. But when I had a life changing experience in 2017 I knew I had no other option but to go all in and that was when The Pearl Academy Nigeria started.”




Re-firing the Vision

“We started officially in 2018 with free trainings for teen girls in my church and since then it has been series of workshops for different age groups.

We are currently working on a project for secondary schools, because we believe that the earlier we reach girls and make them see that they are pearls of inestimable value the better it is for our society. We also have a self-esteem handbook in the works.”


Future Plans

“There are so many organizations now that are passionate about the girl child and we intend to partner with some of them that are on the same path as we are in the near future.

Collaboration is the new competition and is something any thriving organization must not ignore. Our vision is one that embraces collaboration.”




Support Needed

“The first major support is to believe in the vision of such social innovators. We are set in our ways most times and making people see the need for change is the hardest task. Once we can get past this, it gets easier.

I personally believe that if a system that shines the spotlight on those who really bring about positive change in the community and environment is introduced and implemented, this will help out a lot. There should be a system that celebrates innovation on a national level as we have some already.”


Using Technology To Drive The Vision

“Technology for us is a tool that helps us reach more women, so it cannot be a hindrance. We have a plan in place that would enable us organize workshops and training  in communities that have limited or no  access to technology and will also reach all parts of Africa in the long run.  We know that the SDGs are gaining acceptance in every part of Africa and technology would be everywhere in the nearest future.”



Instagram: ThePearlAcademyNig

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