Why Anoziva Marindire is Radical About Empowering Young Girls and women in Zimbabwe

Why Anoziva Marindire is Radical About Empowering Young Girls and women in Zimbabwe



Stumbling on funny memes about the tyrannical Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe might give a glimpse of life in this country where Anoziva Marindire has strategically positioned herself as a change leader.


Anoziva is primarily focused on empowering other young women like her in Zimbabwe through her media outlet, Paradoka, and Girls Speak Out, an initiative that advocates for the development of young girls in Zimbabwe. The initiative also trains young girls, between ages 14 to 24, computer coding with the aim to arm them with basic coding skills that will enable them prepare ahead for a more advanced digital and tech world, that most developed countries are moving into, gradually.


Through the Girls Speak Out initiative, Anoziva empowers young girls in high density, low income suburbs in her country, with digital skills, other life skills as well as basic computer skills needed to survive in this digital age.

Anoziva is also driven by the passion to empower women in Zimbabwe through Power Classes 4 Women (PC4W) initiative which aims at commercially empowering women across the country. The initiative has been helping women in Zimbabwe to kick off their startup business ideas that can improve the livelihoods of women in the country, and also spur more women to see that they can become more that just decorations in kitchen. And bring more women into the business would in Zimbabwe.


Beyond leading in the business world, Power Classes 4 Women (PC4W) initiative also aims, through its curriculum, to prepare these women for leadership roles in their communities. The 8-week long training programme is designed to prepare participants for their journey as community leaders. The programme offers a diverse curriculum, covering effective civic leadership, marketing, designing advocacy campaigns, fundraising, resource mobilization and more!




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