Want to build a career in education? See these 19 Master’s and PhD in education programs with scholarships and funding (Canada and USA)

Want to build a career in education? See these 19 Master’s and PhD in education programs with scholarships and funding (Canada and USA)

If you have a growing interest in education and you want to further your studies in Canada or America, we’ve listed out some graduate programs that have scholarship and funding.

Click the links below to find out more details about each program. Do further research on your own about the compatibility of the course (with your professional goals)

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US Programs

1. American University, International Training and Education Program, M.A.


2. Boston University, International Educational Development, M.Ed.

3. Bowling Green State University, Cross-cultural and International Education, M.A.


4. California State Univ., Long Beach, Social and Cultural Analysis of Education, M.A.


5. DePaul University, Social and Cultural Foundations in Education, M.A., M.Ed.


6. Drexel University, Global and International Education, M.S.


7. Florida International University, International/Intercultural Education, M.S.


8. Florida State University, Socio-Cultural and International Development Education Studies (SIDES), M.A. Ph.D.

9. George Mason University, International Education, Ph.D


Canada Programs

10. Brandon University, Courses in CIE, M.Ed

Faculty of Education: Master of Education Program

11. Brock University, Courses in CIE, M.Ed.


12. Concordia University, Education with Comparative & Intercultural Topic, M.A.


13. Lakehead University, Courses in CIE, M.Ed.


14. McGill University, Intergrated Studies in Education, M.A., Ph.D.


15. Memorial University of Newfoundland, Leadership Studies, M.Ed.


16. Queen’s University, Cultural and Policy Studies, M.Ed., PhD


17. Saint Mary’s University, International Development Studies, TESL, TEFL, M.A.


18. Simon Fraser University, Educational Leadership, TEFL/TESL, M.Ed.


19. Université de Montréal, Comparative Education, M.Ed, PhD

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