Titian Physiotherapy The Innovative Startup Solving Healthcare Issues In Local Communities In Nigeria

In this edition of CFS observe, our team talks with Chiamaka Ogochukwu Ikpeze, the founder of Titian Physiotherapy, about the vision behind the innovative startup, impact, challenges and more…


Vision behind Titian Physiotherapy

[Chiamaka:] The vision behind Titian Physiotherapy is to make healthcare accessible to all. Healthcare is still undeniably one of the challenges of Africa. Titian Physiotherapy was born out of the need to fix this glitch to provide quality healthcare to people in rural and low-income areas.


Achievements since Inception

[Chiamaka:] We started Titian Physiotherapy in October 2017. Within that space of time, we selected our first host community, Ugodinaobi, reached out and had our maiden outreach which served as a fact-finding mission so we can do a needs assessment on the community and tailor our clinic to their need.

So far we have started with planting our first clinic. So far funding has remained a major issue and our project is not as fast as we projected but every day we keep at it and make a little progress.

Our next step will be to secure partnerships, we are hoping to get stakeholders and government to partner and key into the vision. Only as a collective can we make headway in health.


Team Work and Its Significant Role In The Successes The Organization

[Chiamaka:] “Team work to me is being able to see the collective end result instead of your individual contribution. I will say team work has been key to Titan’s Ugodinaobi project so far.

When we started our budget was zero and even now we are still very low on funding. But we have a network of more than 10 volunteers that came together to see our first project a success. These amazing people volunteered time skill and money because they understood where Titan is heading.

So far I have been privileged to have a lot of Physiotherapists volunteering services for clinics we haven’t even completed yet, volunteering time and advise it’s been amazing. That’s Teamwork, being able to do it without financial or physical gain.”


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Future plans for Titian Physiotherapy

[Chiamaka:] “If the Ugodinaobi project is successful in Nigeria we hope to expand across Africa starting with Ghana. The problem of good healthcare is not limited to Africa alone. We hope to partner with organizations that work with special interest groups- disaster and terrorism survivors, women, children, physically challenged, and Nationals from other Africa countries to implement this solution to their country. We believe that physical therapy can be a tool for nation building boost economy of a people and take them a step to SDG. If more people can be rehabilitated and ushered back into the workforce poverty will be alleviated just a little.”


Titian Physiotherapy’s impact in its immediate community

[Chiamaka:] “I have managed to ignite a spark in a lot of my peers. We can’t all own a mega-clinic but we can all own a community clinic that’s the Titan solution. I hope to get more people copying and implementing the community healthcare solution in their community.”



[Chiamaka:] “Frankly funding has been a huge challenge, and stereotyping of women. A lot of investors can’t see the future of investing in healthcare, and a lot of funding for women by women are steered towards women in fashion or food. Like a woman can’t be an entrepreneur and not be a fashion designer, a sales person or a chef. And that’s the reality of it, we only support women when women do things we expect women to be doing.”


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