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With a lot of intervention programs being put in place to make young people unemployable no one is thinking about the upcoming generation, while we grapple with solving this we forget they are coming behind if we don’t begin to adopt a different approach to human capital development they might end up in same messy situation.


By 2050 Africa will be the most youth populated continent and it’s most imperative that we start to think about critical sectors like education, human capital development as it plays a critical role in building a thriving economy. It’s the people that make the nation great when we focus on empowering our people we are empowering our nation. Economies that thrive have done so with this philosophy.


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A question we need to ask is how do we channel these growing number of young people in the right direction and innovatively harness their collectively energy? This is one question we grapple with everyday at Creating Futures and Yudimy is a solution birth from researching and asking apt questions in areas we pay little attention to.

Our vision is to build the upcoming generation of Africa human capital through social innovation in education.

We’ve discovered there a lot of gaps in the present education system from low access, poor quality, high dropout rate, low teacher turn over and a host of others. We also know that the foundation for building a solid human capital base is education hence the rise of interventions and reform to fix our present system.


The dynamism of the youth in the 21st century is seen from the classroom to the workplace; the energy, spontaneity, drive and most of all yearning to be relevant and make a difference in their element.

Hence, our philosophy is that the core of education is self-discovery from the cradle to the grave, as we do the things we do we all truly yearn for an expression of all the gifts on our inside. As the relevance of education is questioned around the world and people especially youths begin to seek out self expression, self discovery and helping people find and develop their element early can’t be overlooked.


“Everyone needs something to aspire” Our goal is to develop innovations that help people to discover their element and thrive in it. Hence, our love for career (aspiration) development.


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