Like Martin Luther King Jr., Emmanuel Agunze, Unapologetically Shares His Dream for MAKOKO—the slum community which the famous Third Mainland Bridge (Lagos) Oversees

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The MAKOKO DREAM PROJECT centered on the MAKOKO Waterfront community. Makoko is an over populated slum community with people living practically on water. It is located in Yaba, Lagos, Nigeria, just on the sides of the Third Mainland Bridge.


Things You Probably Might Not Know About The Community When See At A Distance

  1. The Water surrounding the community is BLACK. Yes Purely Black, as a result of the activities done on the water and the debris accumulated over time. It smells and it is very unhealthy for persons to stay there, not to talk about children.
  2. Due to the level of poverty and deprivation, many of the children do not go to school as some can’t afford to eat good food, not to mention paying for school fees. The schools on water are more or less like lessons as the children are all in one class. No Partition whatsoever. And illiteracy is on the increase.
  3. There is a lot of Girl exploitation. Girls as early as 13-18 years of age are ‘married’ (they get pregnant and stay with the family of the boy who impregnated her with the hope of a new home) and many of them still stay in their parents’ homes, since the home is built on water. The girls are usually impregnated by boys of their age or older men. In that community, young adults in their mid twenties already have at least three young girls they impregnated living in their house and this lifestyle if very common as no one raises eyes brows on such.
  4. There is no Health Center where expectant mothers can receive natal care, whether ante or post-natal. The nearest Health Facility is the Red Cross which is far away and on land.
  5. An average family has about 7-10 persons with a net income of 1500-2000 naira daily, meaning half a dollar per person daily. (that is roughly 250 naira per head).



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“All these challenged me to think of ways to contribute my own quota to helping this community. Hence THE MAKOKO DREAM,” says Emmanuel. “Just as Martin Luther King Jr had a dream, I dared to also have a dream:


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  • That One Day Makoko, sarcastically called ‘The Venice Of AFRICA’ and not looking like Venice at all will become an attraction for Tourists globally.
  • That one day, The Makoko child will be able to live with the normal school kids of Loral or Doregos and be able to communicate intellectually and add to the progress of the society.
  • That One Day, a girl of 14-18 years of age will not be thinking of ‘Marriage’ when her life has not even started nor will her male counterpart be so eager to disrupt his glorious destiny by not having ambitions or Visions.
  • That One day, Women who die during Child birth in Makoko will be reduced to the bearest minimum, almost extinct, so that proper health sanitation can be achieved.
  • That One day, The environment of a Makoko child will not resemble that of a Pig’s style or abode. That the Once BLACK WATER of Makoko will be transformed and have the soothing breeze associated with clean environment.
  • That the houses of Makoko Settlement will have basic toilet facilities so as not to be defeacating on the water and causing more health hazard.
  • That the Fathers will be well empowered in their Fishing occupation and as such become more directly responsible in the upbringing of their children.
  • That Family Planning, Child Spacing will become a watchword in that community helping to reduce the number of unwanted pregnancies there.
  • That Makoko becomes a major Tourist Center for the world to see and admire.


This dream birthed THE MAKOKO DREAM PROJECT!

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