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These 8 Social Innovations Will Greatly Improve Nigeria’s Workforce

These 8 Social Innovations Will Greatly Improve Nigeria’s Workforce   Nigerians all over the world are known to be very hardworking but the productivity of the labour force (about 29 percent of Nigeria’s population) has often been questioned. According to the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS), some contributors to the low value of productivity include lack of quality educational institutions, investment climate and favorable policy to support businesses. In spite

“I Had No Vivid Understanding About My Life Goals And Vision… No Skill Concerning Career Or Its Discovery… No Mastery Of Personal Discovery. I Was Only Schooled On Academics.” — YOUNG BREEDS’ Founder In Pursuit of a Fulfilling Purpose

  I believe that each one works based on the insights and knowledge at his disposal. For me, growing up in a middle size family in Lagos, I had the basic exposure every young chap would have. For many young people, the education process received across the various school cadres: early childhood education, through primary, high school and through to tertiary institution was basically knowledge accumulation and void of inspirational

3 FOUNDERS Give Their Top 5 Advice

  We asked Founders what their top 5 advice would be if they were to meet their Teenage Self again. And they had this to say:   Omozino Eguh, the founder of Yudimy App     READ: Why Young People Make Wrong Career Choices? | Omozino Eguh #CFSobserve : Omozino Eguh, Founder of Yudimy, Reveals How Her Social Innovation would Build the Next Generation of Solid Human Capital in Africa 

9 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Abraham Owoseni, YOUNG BREEDS Founder

  Abraham Owoseni is a Life Skills and Youth Development Educator. He has been thriving in the educational and youth development landscape for over half a decade.   Abraham reaches out to thousands of young people annually ranging from teenagers to young adults in secondary schools, tertiary institutions, churches, teens and youth groups across his four major spheres of youth development: Spiritual, Physical, Emotional & Career development.   READ: Why

YOUNG BREEDS is Promoting Purposeful and Holistic Development in Youths and Children! Discover How…

  Young Breeds, a registered non-governmental organization, is committed to promoting children and youth development. The running vision behind Young Breeds is in raising a new breed of young people who are purposeful and holistically developed.   Our approach in doing this, is by influencing positive changes in children and youths through a mindset re-orientation, value system, life skills education, capacity building, mentoring and learning environments that provides an ambience

Why YOUNG BREEDS’ Youth Development Center reminds us of Sir George Williams’ Y.M.C.A

CFS Local in Nigeria   The popular ‘The Young Men’s Christian Association’ (commonly known as YMCA or simply ‘the Y’) is a worldwide organisation founded in 1844 by Sir George Williams with the aim of putting Christian principles into practice by developing a healthy “body, mind, and spirit.” for youths and preserve them from the temptations of alcohol, gambling, and prostitution which in turn would promote good citizenship.   Just