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5 Founders Share 5 Advice They Would Give Their Teenage Self

[PLEASE INSERT LINKS TO THESE PUBLISHED CONTENT]   Chiamaka Ogochukwu IkpezeMR [PT], founder and Director of Titan physiotherapy.   Smile more You are enough Stop being so serious, life is hard enough without you making it harder. People eventually grow up just forgive Your 20s will be awesome and the awkward phase eventually passes.   READ: Titian Physiotherapy The Innovative Startup Solving Healthcare Issues In Local Communities In Nigeria READ:

Virtual team

There are so many startups in Nigeria that will be  better off having staff that work remotely but the fear that such arrangements could be less effective because of the idea that “what you see is what you get” is the best way to manage staff. This idea suggests that it is the staff you see every day that you can demand work input that would yield the desired result


Teamwork is an integral aspect of any business. Looking through the interviews we have had with a lot of founders here on CFS observe and CFS interview , it is very obvious that having the right team is very crucial to the growth and success of any business, especially startups because of the sensitive developmental stage where most startups fold-up due to a lot of reasons, one of which is not