“I Had No Vivid Understanding About My Life Goals And Vision… No Skill Concerning Career Or Its Discovery… No Mastery Of Personal Discovery. I Was Only Schooled On Academics.” — YOUNG BREEDS’ Founder In Pursuit of a Fulfilling Purpose

  I believe that each one works based on the insights and knowledge at his disposal. For me, growing up in a middle size family in Lagos, I had the basic exposure every young chap would have. For many young people, the education process received across the various school cadres: early childhood education, through primary, high school and through to tertiary institution was basically knowledge accumulation and void of inspirational

3 FOUNDERS Give Their Top 5 Advice

  We asked Founders what their top 5 advice would be if they were to meet their Teenage Self again. And they had this to say:   Omozino Eguh, the founder of Yudimy App     READ: Why Young People Make Wrong Career Choices? | Omozino Eguh #CFSobserve : Omozino Eguh, Founder of Yudimy, Reveals How Her Social Innovation would Build the Next Generation of Solid Human Capital in Africa