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5 Founders Share 5 Advice They Would Give Their Teenage Self

[PLEASE INSERT LINKS TO THESE PUBLISHED CONTENT] ¬† Chiamaka Ogochukwu IkpezeMR [PT], founder and Director of Titan physiotherapy.   Smile more You are enough Stop being so serious, life is hard enough without you making it harder. People eventually grow up just forgive Your 20s will be awesome and the awkward phase eventually passes.   READ: Titian Physiotherapy The Innovative Startup Solving Healthcare Issues In Local Communities In Nigeria READ:

MEET David Adeyemi, the founder of ECOGENIC SOLUTIONS, the Pioneer Recycler of Kitchen Wastes in Nigeria

David Adeyemi, who is a Blue Belter in Karate with a patent and 5 diplomas to his name (and still counting), is nothing but a man who creates productive ideas and solutions pathways to problems around him. David, a graduate of Ajayi Crowther University in Oyo state with a degree in Microbiology, speaks English and French fluently and he is developing an interest in the Russian language. One might wonder