Towards sustanability; Susty Places with Social Prefect Tours – Omu Resort

Towards sustanability; Susty Places with Social Prefect Tours – Omu Resort

Susty Places with Social Prefect Tours – Omu Resort

After my friend and former colleague Chiamaka Obuekwe, founder of socialprefecttours went to Bauchi through a miraculous link from yours truly, we began thinking of ways we could work together via our seperate platforms, since she organises tours and sustyvibes promotes ecotourism, it was not hard to decide on this Susty Place tour to Omu Resort, teaching participants about Climate Change and also planting a tree!!!


The overall success of this event is one that I can almost not get over because it has in many ways, proved that the vision of SustyVibes to educate and sensitize more youths in Africa on sustainability and climate action is highly achievable and in only a matter of time,everyone would “catch it” (i.e everyone would catch the Susty Movement).

crew (1)

Having said that, I have decided to type less and allow the amazing pictures captured byAlleb Media show you how much susty fun we had at Omu Resort on the 30th of May, 2016.


Omu Resort is located at 1 Omu Resort Drive off Asiwaju Bola Tinubu Way, Bogije Town, Almost Opp. Lakowe Lakes Golf Course, Ibeju Lekki, Lagos. It has a special mix of conservation, education and entertainment and boasts of a zoo (which houses a real Lion), an amusement park, a mini golf club and a wax museum amongst others.

At the entrance of the resort, you will find amazing pictures and facts on forests and some fruits, you will feel very close to nature with all the local decoration and friendly people waiting to receive visitors.


Straight to the zoo, which was one of my most interesting parts, we found lots of friendly animals, most of which I would be sharing pictures and videos of on our Instagram page.










Climate action, tree planting; the real business of the day.

I started off talking about sustainability and waste management during our trip to resort, when it was time to plant our tree, I took all the participants through the significant changes in our weather and why the need for adaptation and more importantly mitigation of climate change was important, my ten minutes talk inspired people to plant our tree and this felt like a dream come true for me. Read here if you are not sure of how tree planting relates to climate action.

We planted the popular masqeurade tree.






Thank you Omu Resort!

I would like to thank the Omu Resort crew for the amazing time we had at Omu Resort, because of them, I can boldly say that 50 people learnt about climate change, waste management amongst others on this day. Their warm reception and enthusiam to see young people practice sustainable living has been most appreciated.

I would be visiting Omu Resort again sometime this year, I promised to return to plant more trees. So if you are about that susty life like I am, drop me a line on the comment section and I would get back to you on the specific dates I plan on re-visiting.



Thank you Social Prefect Tours!!!

Chiamaka Obuekwe has my love and loyalty anyday because of this partnership; Social prefect tours are truly exciting and a great way to meet lots of wonderful people. It is a good idea to check her website and instagram account where she would be sharing the social and super fun side of this tour as well as the many other tours planned for this year.