Suicide Prevention Awareness Month

The World Health Organization records that more than 700,000 people die by suicide yearly; that’s estimated to be one person every 40 seconds. And for every suicide, there are many more people who attempt suicide.

In fact, suicide is known to be the fourth leading cause of death in 15-19 years old globally.

Although there are no specific causes of suicidal deaths as they vary from; mental health problems, bullying or discrimination, all forms of abuse (physical, sexual, emotional, or mental), grief, depression, trauma, health issues, school problems, work problems, financial and so many more. Suicide for many is a desperate escape from unbearable suffering.

Oftentimes clouded by deep sadness, hopelessness, isolation, self-loathing, self-hatred, suicidal people can’t find a way of relief except through death. That’s why suicide is seen as their last resort, their only option.

However, despite the desire to end the pain and suffering, the conflict to take their life is ever-present.

“Why didn’t he speak about it?” or “Why didn’t she open up?” The truth is that it is hard reaching out to people when someone is going through a bad phase not because they don’t want to reach out or seek help, but because most times they feel alone, they feel that people might not understand what they are passing through.

Suicidal people often hint with certain signs, some include; being sad or moody, withdrawal from everyone or everything, a sudden change in behavior, sudden calmness, self-harmful behavior, or hinting at suicide by talking about death.

The harsh truth is that people will suffer from the various causes of suicide, but, creating a safe community where people are free and open to talk about their issues, a society where people won’t feel trapped or stigmatized for expressing how they truly feel. With the help of everyone, we can help reduce the number of deaths by paying close attention to suicidal signs, checking up on our friends, families, relatives, colleagues often, and when someone tries to open up, we can listen, help calm them and assure them that they’d be okay because sometimes all it takes is someone that’ll listen.

If opening up to people might be difficult, there are Mental Health Wellness groups you could reach out to that provide you the support and help you need. A few of them are.

  1. Mentally Aware Nigeria
  2. The Korede Bello Initiative
  3. Go Speak Your Mind
  4. JackDot Org in Canada
  5. UnitedGmh
  6. Psychhub
  7. Mental Health America

Suicidal thoughts take the hope alone from you. It sucks the hope away from you. It makes you feel alone. But, you’re not alone, you never are and you never will. We are here with you, and we will be here for you.

Hey you, I am proud you have come this far and I am happy you are here. You’re doing AMAZING.

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