SI4DEV is creating a “Harvard”-type of Business School that is hitting streets of cities in Nigeria

SI4DEV is creating a “vard”-type of Business School that is hitting cities in Nigeria

Businesses, in any country, comes with many benefits that are both beneficial to the people and the government, hence the reason why many developed countries invest a lot as well as create structures for businesses to thrive.

Strategy and Innovation for Development Initiative SI4DEV, an NGO in Nigeria, has taken it upon itself to educate more Nigerians, especially the ones on the streets who can’t afford to pay for a Harvard -type of Business School, about ways to build successful businesses that can survive the harsh terrains here in Nigeria.

What is Street Business School SBS? Any need for it?

“Do I need to go to a business schools before becoming successful in business?” is a very common question people interested in building successful businesses often ask. And that question is often met with a “yes and no” response simply because going to business school can help grow or improve the skills needed to grow a successful business, and in some cases, some individuals are able to excell at building a successful business without going to a business school.

SI4DEV is primarily a community of Leaders and Change-makers who are inspired to carry out positive social changes in the country. Through the SI4DEV Street Business School (in conjunction with StreetBusinessSchool.org ) the organization aims to help underprivileged Nigerians break out of poverty and become entrepreneurs with the hope that it will also help grow human capital.

The six-months mobile business school is uniquely tailored to the peculiar needs of each community with focus on building their confidence in chosen entrepreneurial path and developing the entrepreneurial skills needed to make that business a success.

According to SBS global, the SBS programme has shown to increase income levels by more than 200% within 2 years of graduating. With this, over a long period of time SI4DEV will be able to help boost Nigeria’s economy.

Cities SBS has hit

Since SI4DEV launched its Street Business School, mid year of 2019, the organization has reached communities in Abuja and Kano.


SBS by SI4DEV Orientation at Sabon Gari 1, Kano State

SBSby SI4DEV held at Sauka Kahuta community, Abuja state.

SBS by SI4DEV held at Sabon Gari 2, Abuja

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