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Here are a couple of the most profitable skills to learn in 2021 to help your growth and development

The 2020 lockdown, although with its disadvantages, came with a couple of benefits, and one benefit was a surge in terms of skill acquisition for self-development. A lot of people learned creative and interesting skills that have today given them a higher chance of landing that dream job than their counterparts, and some have gone on to monetize these skill sets. These days, no particular class is too old or too young to acquire a skill or sets of skills-Be it students or workers, nobody is left out.

Skills come in handy and for sure do not give regard to disciplines or fields of study. Until recently, being good at your field of study was all it took to be a hotshot. Well… you can still be a hot-shot, but with competition in every field and discipline, being good alone doesn’t entirely cut it these days. Why? Because someone with a skill added to that discipline could definitely pitch over you when applying for a job or even when it comes to earning money day-to-day.

So, here are a couple of the most profitable skills to learn in 2021 that would most definitely give you an edge over peers and counterparts.


Search Engine Optimization is the process of improving the quality and quantity of website traffic to a web page or a website. While Search Engine Marketing is tactic to help brands gain attention by appearing on search engine result pages. These are efforts to rank higher and increase search visibility to drive traffic to web pages or a website. This is a sort of digital skill that is in high demand and is essential for brands, companies, and web pages trying to draw attention and interest. This is an interesting skill to learn and a skill to earn money.

Social Media Marketing or Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is simply put, the implication of marketing strategies to promote services or products digitally, online, and equally offline to guarantee and improve sales. On the other hand, Social Media Marketing is a form of digital marketing that exploits social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. to carry out marketing activities. A creative skill that equally is profitable and in high demand as not just brands and companies, but individuals and groups are constantly searching for quality and creative market strategies to get their products and services seen. This is a hot skill as a lot of business owners struggle to run profitable marketing strategies. If you get to be an expert in this field, you are sure to make money.

UI and UX Design

This is one skill to learn to make money and is as well a creative skill. User Experience design is developing and improving quality interaction between a user and all sides of a company. User Interface design strengthens a company’s visual asset of a product’s interface. Simply put, a UI and UX designer is partly responsible for the way applications, website interface, and mobile interface look and work.

Ever wondered why the new iPhone series has the torch and camera touches on the corners of the screen? A UI and UX is a core member who participates in creating most of the interfaces we use digitally today.


Asking why is this on the list? The digital platform is rapidly growing and instruments that help that growth are digital devices such as computers, laptops, tabs, etc. These devices are in use frequently and depth knowledge of how to use them comes in handy. For example, Microsoft Word is often used for typing, Google sheets and Excel are in use for taking records, PowerPoint is often used for presentations and slide shows, Microsoft Access is still used for database creation, all of these might seem irrelevant but, the truth is that with the rapid progression of digitalization, computer literacy is on the rise. These devices also help in the acquisition of other skills, another reason why it is a skill to learn for jobs.

Videography or Graphics Design

Absolutely no one can undermine the importance and relevance of good visual representation. Sometimes, the visual representation of a brand might be what attracts attention to it, and learning such a valuable skill won’t be a waste of time.

With Apps like Canva, PhotoShop, Adobe Premiere Pro, and the many graphical and video editing tools available, you can start helping brands, individuals and business owners create graphics and edit their videos, plus these skills are pretty much in high demand and pay well.

Copywriting or Content writing

Well, here’s one mind-blowing thing, copywriting or content writing are skills that earn people money these days and they are in demand a lot. Copywriting is writing to increase sales of a product or services for a brand, company, or individual. Such writings include sales letters, product descriptions, etc. Content writing on the other hand is for engagements on a blog post or a webpage. These creative skills help brands in reaching out to their target audience in generating sales or engagements. So, if writing articles, poems or short stories is your thing, you might as well check it out.

Content Curation

Content consumption has formed part of our daily lives, what we see, read or hear and that is why Content Curation is on the rise.

This creative skill helps out social media marketers as it aids what to share and when to share and how to share with audience questions. In addition, it helps with familiarity with content sources and audience preference.

The world is progressing rapidly and having a skill or a couple of skills helps you keep up with the pace and with many opportunities in the world today, having a skill might just help you bag that dream job or opportunity. So, learn a skill today and be the champ you want to be in 2021.

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