Omajuwa Alli of THE PEARL ACADEMY Gets Candid About Life Behind the Gram

Omajuwa Alli of THE PEARL ACADEMY Gets Candid About Life Behind the Gram


Social media has come to stay and pegged its tent in our lives. Many claim to have connected with people they have never seen before just because social media helps cut off the distance barrier and brings people closer to you.


In this web that social media has created, it is also very possible to begin to assume so much about people based on the posts on their Instagram a.k.a gram.


Today, CFS is stripping off the “gram lens” and showing you Omajuwa Alli, the founder of The Pearl Academy Nigeria



Omajuwa knew she “wasn’t always interested in business”, she longed to be a career woman yet she co-managed a fabric business with her siblings. “I always had a love for fabrics and textures so at a point I started a fabrics business with my sisters. The business is still flourishing,” she stressed, “but after a while I realized that my passion was burning somewhere else. I am basically a sleeping partner now and fully active in The Pearl Academy Nigeria.”


Talking about the first project by The Pear Academy Nigeria, Omajuwa claims to be “a firm believer in the saying “charity begins at home”. The first workshop we organized was in a church (where I worship) as I could see that lots of the girls needed to become self-aware. How we have been able to proffer practical solutions in our immediate community is through our free workshops and counseling sessions. What keeps us going is the improvement we see in the lives of most of the beneficiaries.”


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some participants during a workshop for girls


Omajuwa is inspired, personally, by quite a number of organizations in Nigeria, and Africa, like The Women International, She Leads Africa, The Tony Elumelu Foundation, The Conversation Café, BramoDigi [ just to name a few].


Talking about the challenges she encountered, Omajuwa claims “Being relatively new on the scene, it has been hard for us to earn the trust of some of the stakeholders but this is something that gets better every day as we increase our presence. Another challenge we face is one of funds, there are some capital intensive projects we embark on and this has slowed down the execution process but we persist none the less. Thankfully we have a number of individuals who contribute in kind to the organization.


one of the The Pear Academy speakers during a workshop for girls


Omajuwa claims to be “an open book” but these are some other interesting things about her…

  • Favorite color is BLACK
  • Used to be a good rapper
  • Last child in the family and a tom-boy for most of her teenage years
  • Loves dancing and used to be really good at it until now
  • Love music across all genres and has a broad collection of songs
  • Loved wrestling as a child
  • Not good at whispering with her loud voice
  • Wishes she could wear jeans trousers and tees everyday
  • Interest in makeup is a little above zero.


On building her dream team, Omajuwa believes “that behind any successful organization is a team of likeminded individuals that believe in the vision and are willing to put in their all to see the vision become a reality. The Pearl Academy Nigeria has held successful workshops mostly as a result of the team members that put in their time and resources.”




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