Nigerian National Portrait: Ojo Lanre Reveals the Vision Behind #ManyRootsOnePeople Campaign

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I would like to take this opportunity to share with you our project for 2017; as it stands I cannot execute it successfully without your collective help because it is a national project in which we all have a role to play. I am a passionate Nigerian whose vision is to help build a United and Patriotic Nigerian nation as I believe this is the only way Nigeria can truly move forward.


This vision led to the birthing of the Many Roots, One People campaign, a campaign which aims to erase all divisive lines that have held us back as people (ethnic lines, religious lines, political lines, etc.) and replace this with one LINE, the Patriotic line. As we say “Nigeria is no mistake, mistakes do not survive 100 years” and also “the diversity of our nation is the beauty of its perfection”.



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In line with this mandate we would be creating a National monument; a national symbol of unity which I have tagged “The National Portrait”.



This is an enormous task, but it isn’t impossible especially when we work on it collectively.


We would need your help in: Gathering of information on the various tribes, Funding, Spreading the word about this project, and volunteers working directly with us.




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