Nigerian Corps Member, Stephen Moses Teru, builds free learning facilities for 2 neglected public schools in Cross River State

Nigerian Corps Member, Stephen Moses Teru, builds free learning facilities for 2 neglected public schools in Cross River State.



Nigeria is a very rich country— endowed with numerous natural resources, land Mass and even a population that is capable of competiting with China’s workforce, yet a larger percentage of that population, mostly youths, are subjected to very harsh living conditions.


The quality of Public schools in Nigeria has drastically dropped resulting to the dependency and rise of private schools, which are often very expensive for low income earners. For families that can’t afford Private schools, they have to send their children to these public schools.


Stephen Moses Teru, a 2018 National Youths Service Corps (NYSC) batch C Stream 1 corps member posted to serve his country in Cross River State, driven by the need to make changes in his primary place of assignment (PPA) used his carpentry skills to build free tables, chairs, shelves and other necessary learning facilities for two public schools (St. Gorges Primary and Community Secondary School, Old Netim Akamkpa) lacking such essential learning facility.



Stephen was particularly concerned about the height of negligence in the public schools in the community where he served. He took it upon himself to resolve a part of the challenges in these schools by putting his skill to use.

Ironically, these communities were surrounded with the natural resources (having abundant forest reserves with trees good for timber) needed to create such learning facilities. Stephen, having observed this, was able to get community members to help get the wood while he put his carpentry skills to use to make the benches, tables, shelves and other items for the schools.



Stephen, a graduate of Zoology from the University of Jos, is fully aware of the benefits of education and understands that no child, irrespective of their backgrounds, should be denied access to quality education.

Stephen is just one out of many young Nigerian Corps Member who are using this compulsory service year to drive change. We shared some ways you can drive change during NYSC, take a look>>>


We strongly believe that every human is responsible for driving the kind of change they so much desire. So go out and drive a change! (You can share your change story with us too. Kindly send us an email)


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