Must-Have Operational Tools for Startups with a Low budget

Must-Have Operational Tools for Startups with a Low budget

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So you just launched a cool new business but you do not have enough resources to sustain key aspects of your startup? Or you have been holding back because you have not cleared out certain to-do-lists before you can fly your startup? Or you just don’t have human resources to cover the bulk behind-the-scenes tasks of your budding brand?


Do not give up yet. There many other ways to spin this little or big challenge and still get your startup running fine at least within your moderate budget.


I will be sharing some DIY [do-it-yourself] operational tools for entrepreneurs who:

  • Have a really small startup
  • Know very little about ‘tech-y’ jargons
  • Have very little resources to get human capital or has a budget that can’t cater for such at the moment
  • Is the superman and batman in the business. In other words, you basically do everything yourself


For DIY [do-it-yourself] entrepreneurs or business owners who have to do almost everything in the company and still focus on sales, these tools are free and simple to use to run your startup.




As an entrepreneur, you want to communicate your ideas, products or services in the simplest way to your target audiences. The challenge here is that you are not a designer. And maybe at the moment you cannot afford to hire one. Then you can opt for… CANVA. This site is the king of DIY graphics. If you can use power point, then you can use Canva. With Canva you can create social media graphics, power point presentation, letter heads, info graphics, business cards, brochures, and lots more. However Canva requires stable internet to access most of the functions. If you want to conserve your data, you can opt for Microsoft desktop publishing software, it comes with Microsoft office software.



Every startup needs a website! This is a part of online branding. This helps get the word out about everything that your brand is all about, and actually saves you the stress of repeating the same information to thousands of clients. The objective of your website would determine the overall outlook of the website. Once you have created a mood board of the ideas you have about your website, you can head over to WordPress [which I recommend if you do not know so much about technical stuffs of building a website. With this you can select free themes or buy unique themes]. Another great tool for building website is WIX [this is for those that really want to design their website from scratch. It requires basic knowledge about components of website, not really the technical stuff]. Another great tool is squarespace.




There are thousands of apps on android [Google play], that you can use to create your logo for free. You can also use Microsoft desktop publishing software, it comes with Microsoft office software. There are many templates you can choose from. You can also try Squarespace. Absence of a logo should not stop you from letting the world know about your brand.




We all start up with an idea, but not a process. The moment you get your first pay, keep a record. Record transactions, date it, and keep receipts. You can go digital with tracking your business finance as well. This site called RECIT, will help you with that. It is a smart business website app that can help you keep tab of your income and expenses on a single platform and you can easily send out receipts to clients and customers. Zoho, on Google play, is also another great app.




Team Building, Task Outlining and Communication
When your startup becomes more than you and you start to build a team, communication becomes very KEY. It is essential for team work and synergy. These two tools (Trello and Slack) should sort that out.


Online Brand Communication
When you need to start communicating your products, services, values, mission and values across multiple social media platforms, and this might require posting regularly on all social media platforms, you can opt for HOOTSUITE




Don’t lose those files, save it. Not just on your system; in the cloud, use drop box, google drive etc. You can also create amazing forms using Typeform or Google form to keep I,portant details well organized.


Check these tools out! And give us your reviews on each in the comment section below…


‘Remi Ademiju, founder and co-founder ,  is an organization developer (Softcom Nig. Ltd), expert in Leadership and Change Management (Master’s degree, Leeds Beckett University, UK) and expert in Management Information System (Bachelor’s Degree, Covenant University, Nigeria) . He is a Corporate Board Member of , , and  . He is relentlessly passionate about making social impacts. Doggedly committed to the core values of ‘not-for-profit’ social entrepreneurship, as the next avenue for real development, especially in the African clime.