HOW Mercy Uyo Johnson, A Student Of Cyprus International University, Takes A Global Approach To Love With GLOBAL LOVE MOVEMENT FOUNDATION

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Global Love Movement Foundation founded by Mercy Uyo Johnson, a student of Cyprus International University, currently studying Psychology, was started purely out of passion for people.


Vision Behind Global Love Movement

The Vision of the Foundation is to demonstrate the Love of God to people by meeting them at various points of their needs. God is love and the best way    to show him to someone is by manifesting his character.

Also I looked around and I saw people suffering, some no food and some no clothes and I felt I could do something about this. I have [also] been   in situations of not having food and it was not pleasant. I do not like to see others suffer the same when I can do something about it, that was what made me start the foundation because of my passion to put smile on the faces of people and lift burden from their heart. I derive joy from that.

Even though we officially launched in January 2017, the foundation has been an underground organization for almost two years.


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Discovering Her Passion

I served under the welfare of my church for years and I am still serving, so helping people has always been a part of me. I also grew up seeing my mum do the same she has such a huge heart for people. When I came to Cyprus, I also had a few challenges too, like being homeless and hungry. Knowing what it feels like to be in such situations, I was naturally grew empathetic and had compassion for people in similar situations, so I decided to start up my foundation to help people in various situations.


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The foundation has given out food and clothes to countless black people who were in need and we also visited some poor Turkish families with food clothes and other items to make their daily life comfortable.

Since we began running the foundation, we haven’t had a major challenge. This is because we see it and operate it as God’s Own Business and he [God] has been taking care of his work. I am just an employee.

For those we visited, we gave them needful things as well as showed them love. We hope to start helping some of these people get into schools as well.

However, with more financial support, we [and other social entrepreneurs making impactful social changes] reach people more, meet more  of their needs and  make more positive social impact.


Our Reach Expansion And The Future

As the name of the foundation implies it is a global movement, we are reaching out to the world with our first stop in Cyprus. We plan to stop by Nigeria as well and visit more communities in need. We also hope to establish businesses for people, fix roads and buildings and also send people to school within these communities.


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