Mentally Aware Initiative Nigeria

The Mentally Aware initiative Nigeria (MANI) is a Non-profit organization by youths focused on fighting the stigma, discrimination, and creating a society where it is possible, free, and safe for people to talk about their mental health without fear of isolation.

With over 1500 active volunteers, MANI is a community of young people who are motivated to ensure that the mental health of every individual in Nigeria, and Africa is a priority. Being the largest provider of crisis support services in Nigeria by handling over 15,000 cases,( with about 80% ranging between the ages of 10 to 25) in 3 years.

MANI has equally taken actions to help eradicate the alienation of mental health by their providence of educational programs and activities to hundreds of schools and workplaces. Some of these activities include;

The Community – With aim of driving a better understanding of Mental Health in the general public, “The Community” program is charged with empowering youths with knowledge and tools to facilitate awareness in their communities. By sharing vital knowledge on Mental Health, MANI is pushing to create a resilient and thriving society where youths can support themselves and others when issues of mental health arise.

The Streets – By taking Mental Health conversations to the streets, MANI hopes to further create awareness on the sensitive yet stigmatized issues facing mental health and those affected by it.

Campaigns – Monthly or yearly, MANI has devoted time, effort, and resources to campaigns to highlight mental health. Seminars in schools, workplaces, campaigns in public locations, virtual programs, and a lot more, MANI works tirelessly to bring to light issues regarding the stigmatization of mental health to those facing them, and to the general public at large.

The Conversations Café – Every month, MANI hosts conversation cafes across the country. The aim is to foster socialization, fun, and learning. With fun and participatory activities, they help people connect, interact and learn.

The Mentally Aware Initiative Nigeria with its good works has touched the lives of thousands and is constantly working to ensure that they create a society that frowns at the alienation and stigmatization of mental health and issues relating to it.

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