Meeting a change agent at Giving Heaven Joy





President of GHJ: Abolusodun A. Adeola

Change for Society would love to give everyone the opportunity to meet the President of Giving Heaven Joy

  1. Leader: Abolusodun A. Adeola (President)
  2. Name of Organization: Giving Heaven Joy
  3. What your Organisation is focused on: Our organization is focused on building, empowering and encouraging the neglected in our society and Nation at large.
  4. Major life influences / mentors / role models: God/Pastor Nike Adeyemi/ Joyce Meyer
  5. The moment you knew you wanted to make a change in the society: 3rd January, 2011- it was a revealing and rebirthing moment for me.
  6. The issues faced in executing your projects and starting your organization: Challenges were: inability to get international donors in supporting the projects, and unavailability of human resources.
  7. Tips for people looking to start an organization like yours: Passion is good but be professional at what you do when starting. Also, ensure you register what you want to do legally and lastly, be accountable at all times.
  8. Life Lessons: Be willing to make a difference and my philosophy has always been ‘If I can see it on the inside, then I can achieve it on the outside’ So, never underestimate the heights you can reach only if you believe!




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