Meet OMIKUNLE ESTHER, the founder of Life’s Beacon Initiative

Esther Omikunle, also known as Esthitude, is very “passionate about wholesome living” (living her best life). This adventurous ambivert doubles as a software developer (a dot net developer to be specific), and a faith and lifestyle blogger at The Esthitude Place ( );  where she inspires her readers to live wholesome lives through regular posts and content.


She founded, Life’s Beacon Initiative, an NGO focused on developing human capacity and reaching out to the underserved and empowering people through selfless service.


Having graduated from the prestigious Obafemi Awolowo University where she studied Computer Engineering, Esther still knew “right from the university” that she needed “ to have a platform to reach out, train and empower people in vocational skills, especially those who can’t afford it.”


In supporting social entrepreneurs, who are addressing poorly met social or environmental needs, transforming the way societies work and generating positive social impact, Esther believes that , “Frist, I think something should be done about the amount it costs to incorporate a social enterprise or NGO, grants could be given for such purposes and/or the price subsidized. I think they need to be encouraged and celebrated more. Their contributions to the community should be recognized and applauded. Also, the right policies should be put in place to breed the right kind of NGOs.”


Esther Omikunle cfs

In the future of Life’s Beacon Initiative, Esther is assertive about partnering with any other entrepreneur/ social innovator. “In the social innovative sphere, we see ourselves more as colleagues than competitors, since we are mostly working to improve the quality of people’s lives amongst other things we do. We partner with several organizations and we will continue to, as this will help us do more and reach more people.”


Esther has so many things going on for her. One might ask her she got to where she is now. “God and life has blessed me with several opportunities which I want to believe were not a mere coincidence and they all had a part to play in bringing this to reality. I actually do several other things apart from running the NGO, for instance, I still have my career as a software developer and I blog too, amongst other things. Like I mentioned earlier, it’s been a desire I had and as life unfolded, when I saw the opportunity, I launched it.”



Other Amazing Things You Might Not Know About Esther

  • She loves exploring new places
  • She does not like dishonesty
  • She reads a lot, and tries to exercise regularly
  • The Holy Spirit is her Number 1 Mentor
  • She loves inscription tees
  • She loves music and she is quite a good singer


Esther loves chicken and chips, no doubt, but we doubt if it would ever take the place of her passion for voluntary services. She is very keen about selfless service and encouraging others to join in too. She also believes in the power of teamwork in keeping Life’s Beacon Initiative alive. “To me, team work is synonymous to synergy. It is the bringing together of individual sound minds to achieve together what we couldn’t have achieved individually. Team work is crucial to what we do at life’s Beacon, it is not a one-man show, rather it is a collective effort of selfless individuals ready to commit and give their best for the organization’s good. For instance, we have state leads across the several states where our volunteering organization is actively running, some of them, I’ve not met physically yet, but we work together to run the organization smoothly.”



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