MEET David Adeyemi, the founder of ECOGENIC SOLUTIONS, the Pioneer Recycler of Kitchen Wastes in Nigeria

David Adeyemi, who is a Blue Belter in Karate with a patent and 5 diplomas to his name (and still counting), is nothing but a man who creates productive ideas and solutions pathways to problems around him.

David, a graduate of Ajayi Crowther University in Oyo state with a degree in Microbiology, speaks English and French fluently and he is developing an interest in the Russian language. One might wonder how he is able to do all these when [in his own owns] he spends most of his time sleeping because he believes it boosts his creativity.


Talking About How He Got To Where He Is Now, David says, “My first project was generating electricity to power our house using the suck-away. I was amazing and I worked but keeping up was expensive and technical so I had to look for a more sustainable alternative.

Ecogenic Multipurpose Solutions was conceived while I was conducting a waste to energy survey around my vicinity. I accidentally trampled upon a ditch with rotten fruits at Ketu Ikosi fruit market. All of a sudden, I perceived something unlikely and was suspicious.

As a scientist, I was very curious and decided to replicate the same condition the fruits were exposed to in the market but failed countless times. One day, I decided to use a more conducive and aseptic condition and suddenly the solution was born.

I researched more; conducted surveys by giving out trials to people as well as analyses someone who used it as a replacement to other antiseptics in cleaning a stubborn sore on his leg testified he got healed in weeks aside other amazing reviews. It was then I got to find out I had developed a Miracle Product.”


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Other Amazing Things You Might Not Know About David

  • He hates Cockroaches and Live fowl.
  • The only thing he does with his right hand is to write. He uses his left hand for literally everything else.
  • He loves to cook. And his food can make anyone gets lost.
  • He doesn’t like reading; he listens to audio books instead.


Funding was one of the major challenges David had with his startup. However, he claims “things are getting better” in that area. He is also optimistic about future partnership. He says, “You see as a social innovator, you are creating solutions to problematic causes around you. It is essential to know that you cannot solve everything and working with others who have the same passion, goals and orientation will drive the beast out. Cooperation is key to development and it is something I don’t joke with.”


Teamwork played a significant role in the successes ECOGENIC SOLUTIONS has recorded so far. “Team work means everything to me, to us and to the organization at large; from the recyclers to the designers, to the publicists etc. A lot of people contributed to this success and trust me there is nothing as amazing as bring like minds who you share similar passion, dreams and goals together. You definitely will feel the drive and push and inspiration to keep doing more.”


Ecogenic Multipurpose Solutions has created very practical solutions to waste problems in Nigeria.I have been able to reduce the rate of Kitchen waste deposition by about 40% in the past few months. This has in a very good contributed positively to the environment. Everyone wants to clean and properly dispose their wastes because they know it doesn’t only contribute to their health, but they also get to make extra money from it.

Now, this waste is converted into multipurpose solutions. As specific dilution, A bottle of Ecogenic Multipurpose Solutions has the ability of serving as a dish washer/fabric washer, air freshener/purifier, liquid fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, insecticides and so on.

I am working on ways to degrade plastics biologically and I am pleased to say I am 70% closer.”


David believes that social entrepreneurs looking to get support for their ideas can take advantage of “a lot of grants around. Local and International [grants], covering different areas of interest and concerns. That is why we have Google, you can search on grants that cover your interests and cause and apply. Others I know include; Tony Elemelu Foundation Grant Scheme, Student Innovations Challenge, Campus Innovations Challenge, Etc”

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