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Looking to Get Funds for Women Project or Initiatives in Nigeria? Check Out These 9 Foundations Supporting Women

Looking to Get Funds for Women Project or Initiatives in Nigeria? Finding funds to support your passion to change the world (by starting from your community) can be a bit difficult for starters and those who intend to continue with social change initiatives or projects they already kicked off. Sustaining such requires constant funding in order to keep that dream alive.

If you have attempted soliciting for funds from individual directly or created campaigns to get funds (in Nigeria) and you still can’t get enough funds to support your project, we’ve listed out some foundations that support women-led projects and/or initiative or projects focused on women and girls.


  1. African Women’s Development Fund

The African Women’s Development Fund (AWDF) provides grants to organizations in Africa that are designed to meet the needs of African women. AWDF rants focuses on organizations in Africa that are concerned about Women’s human rights, Economic empowerment and livelihood, Governance, peace and security, Health and reproductive rights, HIV/AIDS, Arts, culture and sports


  1. Global Fund for Women

Global Fund for Women is a global advocate for women’s right. GFW also offers grants to women led organizations across the globe that concerned about raising the voices of women and girls worldwide, Safety and security, Economic and political empowerment, Health and sexual rights, Resources: technology, education, and leadership, Multimedia projects. GFW also creates digital advocacy campaigns on critical issues affecting women and girls globally.


  1. Mama Cash

Mama cash, the first international women’s fund, supports and funds women’s rights initiatives around the globe, particularly initiatives that challenge the root causes of injustice to women.


  1. Urgent Action Fund for Women’s Human Rights – Africa (UAF-Africa)

Urgent Action Fund for Women’s Human Rights – Africa (UAF-Africa) give grants t time sensitive, innovative and unique initiatives aimed at protecting, sustaining and strengthening the women’s right especially at critical moments. UAF is known for offering rapid grants to support initiatives focusing on Women’s leadership, Protection and security, Reproductive rights, Indigenous people’s rights, Economic justice and Education


  1. Feminist Review Trust

Feminist Review Trust has made over 78 grants to projects both internationally and in the UK.  These grants supported initiatives that fought the diverse inequalities that women face globally, and Feminist Review Trust is still committed to such projects or initiatives focused on Feminist values, Reproductive rights, Violence against women, Women’s education


  1. Girls Rights Project

The Girls Rights Project is seeks to ensure that girls all over the world have a right to life, health, freedom and education and to ending trafficking, violence and other forms of mistreatment and discrimination against girls. Initiatives or projects that falls in line with these objectives are funded in a bid to global encourage the advancement o the rights of girls as regards Education, Trafficking, Child marriage, Safety and security, Health and sexuality.


  1. TY Danjuma Foundation

The TY Danjuma Foundation supports initiatives that seek to improve access to health and educational opportunities in Nigeria. The foundation works in partnership with such initiatives focused on Community health initiatives, Enhancing quality education initiatives, Income generation initiatives (for women as well as youth empowerment), Policy advocacy as regards health and educational opportunities in Nigeria.


  1. Segal Family Foundation

Segal Family Foundation is focused on supporting community-based organizations in Sub-Saharan Africa seeking to create sustainable changes within their communities (at grass root levels) in the areas of building healthy, productive and empathetic youth, as well as adolescent sexual and reproductive health.



  1. Open Society Initiative for West Africa (OSIWA)

Open Society Initiative for West Africa (OSIWA) active in ten West African countries (Benin, Cote d’Ivoire, Ghana, Guinea, Liberia, Mali, Niger, Nigeria, Sierra Leone and Senegal) an advocate and grant-maker aiming to promote a freer, safer, and more integrated democratic environment in these West African countries. OSIWA works with civil society, governments, community leaders and activists to promote equal and sustainable economy for all countries listed above. In a bid to give grants to initiatives that are focused on Elections and governance, Anti-corruption, Public service delivery, Justice and rule of law, Minority rights OSIWA launches an annual call for proposals to support such initiatives.



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