Initiative for Active Development Career Fair


Nwosu Chinwe Laura
Founder Initiative for Active Development (IAD)

Did you know that 70% of job owners are unsatisfied with their job? I bet you did not know they were this much. Well, I just told you.

A tiny worm that has eaten deep into our society is mediocrity which could be arguably blamed on unidentified and undeveloped passion. Imagine that all the students of the world are connected to their passion especially in their university days.

Here’s a challenge we identified, “Very many young people are not passionate about their course of study, or their field of endeavor”,Hence, the IAD Career Fair.

IAD Career Fair is one that has brought together young students and professionals in different field to enlighten young students about what the future holds for them. The event was the first of its king in Enugu state and brought together 8 schools with over 80 students, 10 Guidance and Counselors and professionals from different fields.

The event allowed for the interaction of the students and the professionals through a panel discussion that allowed the students to exhaust their questions and concerns.

Initiative for Active Development (IAD) is a youth led non- profit aimed at achieving Career Development and Guidance across Nigeria and Africa. We believe that if young people have their energies channeled right, the result can be nothing short of a happy society.

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We give young people the opportunity to:

 Make informed Career choices

 Experience their Career before they eventually get into it (VOLUSCURSION Program)

 Get prepared for the work world.

 Connect with mentors of similar passion.

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Meet The brains behind the IAD Career Fair 2016

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