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How To Build An Efficient Team For A Startup Business in Nigeria

Teamwork is an integral aspect of any business. Looking through the interviews we have had with a lot of founders here on CFS observe and CFS interview , it is very obvious that having the right team is very crucial to the growth and success of any business, especially startups because of the sensitive developmental stage where most startups fold-up due to a lot of reasons, one of which is not having the right team.

It is important that startup teams are a growing team. They must be willing to grow with the business. This implies that they will have to learn to unlearn as well as adapt to learning quickly on the job and doing any other needful thing to develop themselves in order to help the startup business grow

Running a startup? Thinking of hiring an efficient team? Consider these if you don’t want your startup to fail before it starts at all…


  1. Find people who enjoy what they do. This is very important when deciding who you won’t accept as a member of your startup team. People who enjoy what they do are not pushed around to do what they ought to be doing, rather they are always consistent and diligent with their craft. They know what they want and go after it. They are naturally driven and full of ideas. They are always seeking to improve themselves in what they enjoy doing and want to give their best to their craft.


  1. Find people who are interested in what startup is about. Even if you are going to be paying in six figures, as a startup never disclose the amount you wish to pay before being fully convinced that the person understands the industry of your startup, understands the mission and vision of your startup. The person should be able to tell you the importance of the job role in relation to actualizing the mission and vision of your startup. This is very important. Otherwise you might end up hiring someone who was after the money than the growth of the startup which the person ought to focus on and contribute to. It is also important to let them know the risks involved in joining the team and some of the sacrifices they might have to make, as well as the conveniences and pleasures they might have to give up at the initial stage of the startup. These are important things that you need to communicate with them to be sure they are ready to come on board. [If having staff work remotely is something you would like to consider, SEE some helpful tips we share on How Startup Businesses In Nigeria Can Manage Staff That Work From Home]


  1. Find people with results. Many startups cannot afford to hire people with a lot of experience that is required to handle a job role. In place of this, you can hire people with results for your startup instead. Find people that have track record of results they have. If possible you can carry out another test to verify results they claim to have.


  1. Find people with the right skill set and don’t duplicate the skills. If you are hiring a team for your startup try to find people with the skill set that you need to build your team. If one person already has a skill, don’t hire another person for a related skill (that you are sure the first person, over time can develop while working with you).


  1. Set goals for every member of the team in relation to the objective of the startup. This would help you channel resources and man power to accomplish the startups’ set goals. You should also encourage each team member to outline goals they would like to accomplish in relation to the startup and their specific job roles. This would give them a sense of belonging and fuel their personal drive and attitude to work.


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