How Doyinsola Ogunye is transforming beaches in Nigeria with children

How Doyinsola Ogunye is transforming beaches in Nigeria with children

Doyinsola Ogunye, a trained lawyer turned environmentalist, is very passionate about sustaining the environment and treating it well if we want it to treat us well too.

Doyinsola left her budding career as a lawyer to set up a foundation, Mental and Environmental Initiative for Children (MEDIC), that caters for environment and teaching children in Nigeria (who are the future of Nigeria) about keeping their environment clean.

Doyinsola is aware about the dangers of plastic in the sea, dangers of poaching important sea animals like sea turtles as well as the dangers of not having trees along coastal lines. All of these constantly bug her and she is more than determined to keeping doing something about it, especially by involving children, who she believes can grow with this new found habit of caring for their environment.

Every week Doyinsola works with children volunteers, from the Kids’ Beach Garden which she founded, to clear all kinds of man-made litter that disfigures the beach. While doing that she shows them the fun side of sea life as well as educates them on the importance of keeping coast lines clean and learning to recycle wastes collected from sea shores.

Spending quite a lot of her time at the beach. Doyinsola was accustomed to seeing sea turtles show up once in a while, either being accidentally washed up to the shore by the sea or intentional to lay their eggs burried deep in sand. This led her to start caring for sea animals, like turtles, that frequent the sea shores.

Observing that a larger number of baby sea turtles that are hatched on the shore die as a result of the terrible conditions of beaches, Doyinsola, and her team, started caring for sea turtles and releasing them back into the ocean.

In addition to that, Doyinsola works hard on providing a very natural habitat for these baby sea turtles to hatch and find their way back to the ocean by themselves by keeping sea shores void of litter and grasses while planting more coconut trees along the sea shores to provide the perfect shade for the baby turtles.

Keeping life above the sea healthy for life beneath the sea is more effective when everyone is involved in it. Doyinsola has been actively extending the knowledge of this by creating more grassroot awareness initiatives to educate people on this, particularly those living along the coastal areas in Lagos. She also actively discourages poaching of important sea animals like turtles which help increase the growth of fishes in the sea by eating Jellyfishes (which are very toxic to fishes).

Over the years, this passion has brought the foundation, MEDIC, a lot collaborations with local and foreign bodies that are also passionate about the environment.


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