Have You Eaten (HUE) Foundation to Lady Atinuke Memorial Home

“There are times we would not have common milk in the home to give the children. I would wake up very early to begin looking for reverend fathers or sisters who will give us milk to make them look attractive a little bit. Their immunity is very low, you can see a child playing now and within a blink of an eye, he or she might start losing strength and become weak. That is why we have been in and out of the hospital.

“On several occasions, I have written to the government to give us two nurses to support us, but no response till date. A child has died here because we were unable to raise N1,500. This is very sad and I don’t want to lose any other one.

“We wear only second hand clothes that good Samaritans bring to the Home. Early this year when we experienced serious hunger, the clothes that my daughter bought for me during her wedding, were sold. I had to sell them. All my grandchildren have an impact on this Home because they give us most of their clothes along with ones that people brought for us.”-

Elsie Akerele, Proprietor, Lady Atinuke Orphanage.

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On the 11of July, 2015, The Have You Eaten Foundation, a food relief organisation Nigeria, responded to the needs of The Lady Atinuke Oyindamola Memorial Home; a home for special children. The home takes care of children with downs syndrome, cerebral palsy, autism and the likes.


The visitation was well received by the home. The HUE team spent time with the Proprietor, Mrs Akerele, who told them about the history, and general operations of the home. She also explained their issues with finances in taking care of the children. After the brief session with Mrs. Akerele, time was spent with the children before making our way back to our respective destinations.


Donations were also made to the home

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Below is an excerpt of Mrs. Akerele’s speech…

I am glad that you are young people taking up the baton.  We take care of children with downs syndrome, cerebral palsy, autism. Cases turned bad with children with issues like these because of no early intervention. Ignorance is our greatest problem. I want to do more…but i don’t have money to do it. These children are here to stay. We need hands. They are special children and they are expensive children because they need help to do everything.

My late daughter is Atinuke, fell down from our fifth floor. She was taken to the hospital. She had a cut on the head. Years after she had epilepsy. She was brilliant, finished secondary school. i was determined to help her through and became a friend of the psychiatrist hospital. She got admission to Ogun State poly. She passed out, got a job with Tel magazine. She married and had two children. Unfortunately, she died at the 2nd childbirth.  My last born, David was born with down syndrome but I was determined to keep my child…. Anytime, the children are told they are going to have visitors, they are excited…You dont know rejection and you may never know. They know rejection…


Have You Eaten Foundation was grateful to her friends & partners for making it happen.

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