Hands on clay foundation; raising N1million for Library donation

Campaign for Social Good: A million Naira to build a Library for The Isheri Boys Remand Home

Hands on clay foundation is a Non-Governmental Organization founded on the basis of building, molding and shaping the lives of young individuals growing towards perfection and excellence in all spheres of life.

Since the future of our Nation depends on these young ones, Hands on Clay Foundation recognizes the need to fully equip them through an intensive curriculum focused on self-discovery, self-esteem, spirituality and so on, they aim accomplish this goal via two (2) major programs namely, the three hundred and sixty degrees (360º) individual which involves building and inspiring teenagers to become the best versions of themselves, being the three hundred and sixty degrees (360º) individual balanced in all areas of lives and there are various training programs in place designed to help these teenagers and Hope and Opportunities which is another platform whose main purpose is to reach out to the less privileged teenagers in Remand Homes and Orphanages, they also partner up with Non- Governmental Organizations (N.G.Os) that run in the same vision to achieve a common goal.



The foundation visited the remand home in June, there, they saw young boys thirsty for knowledge and yearning for the opportunity to do and become more for themselves, their families and this nation. Books were taken as gifts to be handed to the boys that would participate the most in activities and they found out that quite a number of them were interested in reading about different subjects such as politics, psychology, education, medicine and so on. But did not have the adequate resources available, “We decided to take up the task”, Hands on Clay Foundation said, and hence the heart of this project was birthed.

“The main aim of the project is to plant the reading culture in the mind of the young boys there by opening them to a world of endless opportunities”, said the Hands on Clay Foundation.

The Foundation aims at raising a million naira to set up a library for the boys, the space for the library has already been assigned by the home, so the budget would basically cover painting the assigned area to create a more conducive environment, provision of appropriate furniture such as bookshelves, tables, chairs, and incentives such as desktops and internet supply and most importantly books covering a wide range of topics and subjects. The foundation is also open to the donation of books in good conditions.

Hands on Clay is willing to be completely transparent concerning the project expenses to be able to properly inform the public about how the funds are being used to improve the lives of the young individuals. “Trust me, we are not oblivious to how important it is for people to see a clear report on how funds are geared towards this project and we would be as open as we can, it is the least we can do”. Hands on Clay foundation says.

The Hands on Clay Foundation came up with this initiative to help empower young individuals with knowledge, which would in turn cause a ripple effect on their families, themselves and the nation at large. Like Brian Tracy once said, “Knowledge and know-how are the real sources of value and riches. You can learn anything you need to learn to achieve any goal you can set for yourself”.

Hence, let us join forces together to empower the younger generation make impact in our community and the nation at large.


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