Global Citizenship

How much do you know about GLOBAL CITIZENSHIP?

Global Citizenship is simply interpreted as the understanding of global inter-connectedness and a commitment to the collective good. Simply put,when we all understand that we share a common tie as HUMANS irrespective of our individual differences such as religion,tribe,culture or language and we as citizens of a global community where challenges are interconnectedness,then TOGETHER we can work and live peacefully to proffer solutions to those challenges and keep that world that belongs to US ALL,safe and just.

Global Citizenship Education goes beyond the traditional method of using education as a means to an end. It is a lifelong process that instills important values relevant to the 21st Century. As such,we must raise more awareness on the need for Education for Global Citizenship in our schools,our homes and everywhere.


At ‪#‎ESDForumOgbomoso‬,we at Aid for Rural Education Access Initiative(AREAi) launched a ‪#‎IAmAGlobalCitizen‬ Campaign as we enlightened and empowered learners on how they can engage and assume roles locally to face and resolve global challenges together and ultimately to become pro-active contributors to a more just, peaceful, tolerant, inclusive,secure and sustainable world.


Read more about the #ESDForumOgbomoso (GCEDCaravan) at

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