Ghana’s Homowo Festival teaches the world about noise pollution and sustainable development

Ghana’s Homowo Festival teaches the world about noise pollution and sustainable development

Noise pollution affects both the health of humans and the environment itself and it should be taken as serious as any other kind of pollution. ResearchGate revealed that noise pollution can damage the physiological health of humans of all ages causing health problems like hypertension, sleep disorders, hearing loss, high stress levels and much more.

While Ghana’s Homowo Festival focuses on banning any form of noise pollution during the planting season, because it is believed to affect the outcome of harvests, one can observe (scientifically) that the ban aims to position noise away from farm workers in other to improve their mental and physical health during the planting season so that they can focus on their farm work (which in turn would yield great harvest at the end).

Farmers are not the only ones affected by noise pollution. In fact, more humans are exposed to noise pollution every day at their work places, in schools, public places and even in their homes. And because noise pollution affects both the mental health and physical health, we all need to start taking conscious steps towards reducing or totally eliminating all forms of noise pollution in our environment.

Good health and well-being is one of the sustainable development goals that the Homowo Festival tries to promote during this period when noise is banned. In order to build communities that can thrive we need to focus on keeping the humans healthy, physically and mentally, in their environment. This further highlights the need to focus on life on land as well as building sustainable cities and communities. As much as humans are affected by noise pollution, other living things on land (wildlife animals) are also affect by noise pollution.

Traffic on roads in cities all over the world is one of the major contributors of noise pollution that people are exposed to every day. The  World Health Organization (WHO) revealed that reducing noise pollution can increase the value of properties, increase social interactions and foster other street activities for pedestrians.

While it is impossible to ignore other fetish activities that accompanies the festival, we can however see some subtle shade at the increasing problem of noise pollution in our environment. And communities across the globe  must find effective ways to control it.


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