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WHERE TO Get Quick Online Loans to Fund Your Startup or Business in Nigeria

WHERE TO Get Quick Online Loans to Fund Your Startup or Business in Nigeria

We know how hard it can be to finance a project or expand your startup or just to sustain it

Finances have been a huge challenge for most startups in Nigeria. This can be frustrating and can also drain your passion for the startup or business.

First, before considering taking loans, you need to be sure you have good money habits. If you are one that spends anyhow, it’s better to stay away from loans (because some loans have high-interest rate) or get an accountant that would be in charge of managing your finances while you are working on building good money habits.


Second, you need to ensure that you properly research the interest rate of the company you are loaning from. Confirm the duration of the loan and confirm how they expect you to make loan repayments. Also, carefully study and be sure that you understand the terms and conditions of each company you loan from.


Third, write out a clear objective for the loan. This helps you effectively optimize the loan to drive your desired objective for the business. It also eliminates the tendency to spend such money on irrelevant things that are not in-line with the reason why you got the loan in the first place. And also keep invoice of all expenses to make it easy to account for money spent.


You can apply for personal loans from some of these companies listed below as well and use it to fund your business or startup (for the ones that are not capital intensive and guarantees reasonable immediate ROI to help with loan repayment).


Once you have done these then you can check out some of these companies offering quick and affordable online loans…




  1. LiDYA

Lidya provides businesses access to finance. The company offers both small and medium-sized businesses with unsecured loans of between $500 and $15,000.




KiaKia also provides loans for businesses in Nigeria without credit information. The name KiaKia was derived from a Nigerian language which means “Fast Fast”. Individuals can loan up to 5, 000, 000 naira and pay in 6 months (for existing applicants) and 30 days (for first time applicants).




GroFin provides loans to SMEs across African and Middle East. SMEs can businesses can access business loans between US$100,000 and US$1.5 million.



  1. ONE-FI

OneFi was formerly known as One Credit. This company offers short-term loans those they certify credit-worthy”. Their loan repayment cycle is between 3 – 6 months. And individuals or businesses can loan up to N200,000 or more.




  1. C24

C24 Limited creates an avenue for people to take advantage of opportunities around them, by helping them access cash loans whenever it’s needed.




QuickCheck helps individuals and small businesses access loans up to 30,000 Naira without any collateral for a duration of either 15 or 30 days.




Paylater also provides short-term loans to individuals and small businesses in Nigeria mainly to help with urgent or unexpected expenses. Individuals can access up to 500,000 Naira loan with no collateral.




Aella-Credit makes it easier for individuals in Africa to gain access to quick and affordable loans with no paperwork.




Zedvance provides loans to help finance personal expenses and SMEs. Individuals can borrow up to 3 Million Naira in less than 24 hours which is to be paid back in 12 months and the interest rate is usually between 3.75 – 4.5% monthly.




SMEDAN offers quick and easy business loans to Nigerian SMEs. If you need capital to jump start, this is the place to go. SMEDAN also provides hands-on training and support to help individuals run their business.



  1. Fint

Fint is a platform where lenders meet borrowers and vice versa. Individuals can loan up to 2, 000, 000 without collateral and repay on a fixed term of 3, 6, or 12 months with interest rates on loan as low as 2% monthly.



  1. KwicCash

Kwickcash offers online loans, up to #500,000 with no collateral, to individuals in Nigeria. The company’s repayment duration is between 14 – 30 days and interest is between 5 – 15%.



  1. Specta

Specta by sterling bank offers up to 5 million loan without collateral or paper work. And disbursement is within 5 minutes after approval.



  1. CreditVille

CreditVille offers up to 250,000 naira loan to individuals in Nigeria to be paid within 12 months.



  1. Snap Credit

Snap Credit offers loans to individuals in Nigeria which is also based on your income source (because loan repayment is done through salary) and repayment history (for existing users). The company offers various interest rate and repayment periods.


Snap Credit

  1. Pay Connect

Pay Connect offers loans to individuals in Nigeria based on their sources of incomes with no collaterals or paperwork.  Just like Fint, Pay Connect also serves as an intermediary between lender and borrower.


Pay Connect


  1. Fair Money

Fair Money offers individuals Nigeria access to loans. Loan amount varies as well as interests and repayment structures.


Fair Money


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