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Emotional Intelligence: A Necessary Tool for the Herculean Task of Nation Building | Emeka Azubuike

emotional intelligence

Emotional Intelligence is one area that has become popular in business circles and organizations and in the private lives of people. It has proved to be a major of driver of productivity at work, career and in different relationships one may have. It can be described as the ability for one to understand their emotions, manage and control them and also understand those of others.


Being able to control one’s emotion can be pretty difficult and requires practice, experience, good sense of purpose and focus. Being able to combine and manage one’s emotions or emotional circumstances with work and career is one major way to be productive and also generate results. However, this attitude can also be used in the work of nation building, leadership, citizen engagement and politics.



What Nation Building Means

It is the process and journey that starts with the formation, structuring, development, recreating and adapting a country to the many challenges that face the society. It covers every areas and sectors of the economy, both formal and informal and it is an unending task that involves solving challenges. A lot of decision making processes are involved, bureaucracies, democratic institutions, political and economic institution that help to drive any nation.


Building a nation involves so many things and can really be a herculean task but for this piece I will be focusing on how emotional intelligence can be used in the following areas;

  • The Executive
  • The Legislature
  • The Judiciary
  • Public institutions/Service
  • Citizenship
  • Private Sector


The Executive

It is the leading arm in any government or political dispensation and they have various responsibilities to the people they govern. Some of which will include; use of executive order, appropriation and budget preparation, appointment to key positions in the public sector, they also have the power to move for the structuring of the federalism in conjunction with the lawmakers and the public. Signing bills into law forms a large part of the executive responsibility and many others that involves different considerations. In the event that a President is appointing people to different positions in his government, if he is not emotionally balanced or if he decides not to pick his team based on emotions of tribes, race and religion; he will pick people who are able and competent irrespective of where they might come from or believe in.

We hear cases of bombings when a party is planning a rally and you find some Presidents going on with the rally despite some people being in mourning. It will take one who understands his emotions and able to control it that can express it when addressing a nation in mourning; whether in sadness, grief and anger against those who were responsibility for the killings.



The Legislator

This on the other hand has a major role of lawmaking and in a nation like Nigeria where our diversity is profound; they will need to do this without any form of prejudice. Can they really ensure that they make laws without trying to favour their constituencies alone or making laws that will increase their budget? This is when they really need to make use of the equality emotion and those of common to their nation.

They can also use emotional intelligence to express different kinds of controlled emotions in the event of a disaster. Most importantly, they must carry out their constitutional duty of law making without sentiments, prejudice or any form of favoritism to one group or the other.




The Judiciary

This on the other hand has a greater responsibility of utilizing the power of emotional intelligence since they deal with cases of arbitration, law enforcement, justice, and determining the innocence and guilt of people that have been docked. In this era of different election tribunals where no politician thinks he can lose an election; lawyers are being tested to knowing they can offer credibility on the bench and at the same time deliver the will of a larger population of the voting populace.

They must learn to master the emotions of tribe, favoritism, bribery, justice, equity and rule of law.




The Public institutions and service

They are perceived to be the most corrupt in Nigeria and this is because of the internal politics of tribe, religion and corruption that has pervaded the entire system. If people will learn to do their work the best way possible and also generate results without unnecessary affiliations, I am sure we would move and progress faster as a nation. Public service is key to any government and if they fail they President and all those in his party or party would have failed in their 4 or 8 year mandate to govern.





This has to do with the common man on the street, citizens, private citizens and individuals who also have relationship to keep up every day. If these relationships must be health and beneficial, they must be done with full control of one’s emotions and knowing when to express them. Anger and pain are not that bad but they can be utilized right to achieve a goal and it is only when one is emotionally intelligent is this possible.




Private organizations, businesses and entrepreneurs

They are the engines of growth for many nations. They help drive different sectors that government might not have the full capacity and recruitment is part of what they have to do to build sustainable companies. Operating the company on day to day basis will involve different types of office politics and if this is not handled properly it can impede the growth and productivity levels in any company.



The importance of emotional intelligence cannot really be overemphasized and having it can tell on various activities we carry out as human beings (with emotions). The above people mentioned are all working or facing their different careers and if they must perform at optimal levels, they will need to learn how to separate personal and family issues from work. There must be a drawn boundary to know when to switch over to one or the other.



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