Eagles On A Mission; Beacon Set 5 Years Anniversary | #CFSlocal in Nigeria


July 22nd, 2011 … A set of EAGLES called BEACON were released into their world to SOAR for exploit and excellence. To the glory of God, we have come far and well … 5 years of grace and beauty.

Let’s feature some of the flying eagles of the set

George Omoraro

George was the Covenant University’s Students’ Council Chairman for the 2010/2011 Academic Session, he majored into branding and marketing. He is now a top notch 360 degree marketing communications strategist, he manages DIGI ENGAGE NIGERIA and works closely with Pst Biodun of COZA

george george2

Banke Su

Hmm, Banke studied mass communication, but mehn, right from school she looked like a model … anyway, her looks paid of and now she is one of the famous faces on almost every fashion shoot. Banke is a model under BETH model management africa.

banke6 banke4 banke3

Lowladee(Adeleke Dolapo Omolala)

Lowladee is simply amazing, despite her accident that delayed her entry into school. She went on to follow her dreams, and now she is a movie producer / film maker (cool right, yeah!). She was nominated under the Best Film Director category of the Nigerian Entertainment Awards (NEA 2015) for her multiple award winning short film, BRAVE.

Her Made-For-Television Movie ‘A Place Called Happy’ currently airs on IrokoTV and Mnet’s African Magic Showcase.

Her website, LowladeeTV, launching in 2016 is set to host Original TV shows, Dramas and previous works under her belt.

lowladee lowladee2

Emmanuel Iren

Ghen Ghen, that was how Emmanuel Iren (a building technology graduate) finished school and went to open church (he even ran a successful student fellowship in school). Now, the church has 3 branches; Lagos, Ota and Benin (more coming up). BTW they run their Lagos Sunday service in SilverBird Galleria (hmm, you can be fresh and still worship God)

Emmanuel Iren; Lead Pastor, Founder- Celebration Church

iren iren2 iren3

Laju Iren

Laju just had to come after Emmanuel Iren, because what God has joined together, no man can put asunder 🙂 (Laju is married to Iren – just had to say). She started a foundation in school called ‘Have You Eaten foundation’. She carried the vision and today they have reached thousand of orphans, the less privileged, mentally challenged, and others in Lagos, Oyo, Jos and with other international organisations…….. She also support her husband in the Ministry.

Have You

laju2 laju

Deola Adedokun

PLATNUM as he is fondly called is the ceo of Platnum. He started the company in school on a small scale, ran it after school and all of a sudden, he just vex and caught a vision for something bigger. Right now Platnum has his office in Yaba with more than 10 staffs from all unit of fashion logistics and they are making waves.


Micah Balmu

Hmm, this is another ghen! Micah was the head of word study in school. After school he continued in the line of ministry, started ministerial work in Jos. He got a call from God to go overseas and focus on evangelism with another ministry, now has preaches the gospel in Cambodia, Hawaii, and Vietnam.


Yemi Levite

Yemi Levite has been making his voice heard for God. The industrial math student started singing, soon after he created a group called the Levite. After school, Yemi’s song has been played in many churches across Nigeria, by Living Faith (Winners) choir and others. His top hit ‘your word is true’ is still being true till today, and still making hits (back to back).



Jennifer is fast becoming a sort after person in the sustainability sector in Nigeria

She launched sometimes early this year. Now they are partners with Connect4Climate, a World Bank initiative for Climate Change, she was featured by the JKUSA as a top promising environmentalist in Africa and also featured on the UNFCCC’s IG page

Their Our #SustyBiz series is coming strong and CSR-in-action now also publishes it on their site!

Ok, it’s not just about being features, the organisation is really interested in helping NIgeria’s environment. A number of projects have been initiated to address climate change in Nigeria.
jennifer2 jennifer

Ayodeji Fashola

Fashola (as he was called in school), was born a business guy … lol. After his degree in computer science, he started a business in branding. His company which he co-founded got a number of high profile clients, like. …. Well Fashola, left his business in Nigeria and had to move over to the US. He is now climbing the career ladder in Apple … yes APPLE. His role is called ; MENTOR (imagine, which kin role be that). Well his role also looks into training and retaining, ….. I just had to say that one so that if you need to work in Apple, now you know who to call 🙂 🙂 🙂

fash2 fash


Tochi Kanu-Ivi

While in school, Tochi was studying MIS, she was a NACOSS executive, Reflections head and still finished with a first class as the … Chia drez God oo. Well after school, she has worked in Deloitte, Oracle and now KPMG. But that is not even the thing sef. Since 2013, Tochi has being the camp director for C.I.T.Y Summer Leadership Camp. The free summer camp is an initiative of H.O.P.E foundation (a product of Covenant University Alumni – CUALA). Tochi’s role has being upgraded to Deputy Director Program in the foundation (in other words she is now Oga (madam)). But that is still not it. Tochi is running the Programs of the foundation, while being a consultant at KPMG. I guess the whole multi tasking skills from school paid off.

tochi2 tochi

Abodunrin and Wamide Opanuga – Greetings World

Ghen Ghen, this is the 3rd Ghen in this post now. Bodunrin was a very low key guy in school. But full of excellence as an Architecture student. Now Bodunrin runs 2 (or 3 sef) companies and a ministry. Married (to his University love 🙂 with a child and by God’s grace had managed to keep all. One of his company ( was featured on CNN Startup last year (this guys is so low key, i couldn’t even get a picture … but as PAPA has always said; YOU DON’T HAVE TO MAKE NOISE TO MAKE NEWS).


Ruthina Atinuke

Ruth served in P1Million and Student Council. After school, she kept the fire, went to work at HOPE foundation then worked very close with Pst Nike Adeyemi. She now runs her own Beauty store

ruth ruth2

Olumuyiwa Sylvester Awojide

Muyiwa just did something really funny and nice. He founded Sodas & Popcorn ….. In fact Just check it out;
muyiwa muyiwa2muyiwa3


Hmm, Leslie Leslie Leslie – If you count top 10 graphic designers in Nigeria (ok, let me say Lagos) – Leslie would be among them. #DatsAll



Hmm, Anny Anny Anny, I think Leslie and Anny should be brothers. With his creativity in visual art and communication, he has now added photography. #DatsAll (btw – he designed the H.O.P.E logo while still in school)


Tobi Olubiyi Gaffer

Tobi just went unconventional, the building tech graduate, went to UK to get a coaching certificate; IMAGINE!!!!… He doesn’t want to play he is the COACH #DatAll

tobi tobi4 tobi3 tobi2

Dee One

Dee One read Architecture, but even the Angels know he was born for Comedy
done done2

Nonso Bassey

Choir boy turning D VOICE STAR

nonso nonso2


This is not just a stylist, but a style .. even his own customized accessories #DatsAll

olumuruwa2 olumuruwa


Abraham Owoseni

So we have seen the business guys, multinational career people, … now we see the TEACHER, yes TEACHER. Abraham, the Msc and Bsc Architecture degree holder is a lecturer at his alma mater. He spends a lot of his time writing lecture notes, lecturing, meeting students, … (you know the rest of a lecturer’s life …). But after the class room, something is always next for Abraham. Well he goes back to teaching again, but this time a different type of teaching.

Abraham founded Young breeds initiative, a youth development program. Through it he has raised funds to redesign a classroom in a public secondary school (thanks to his Architecture knowledge) to a more suitable learning environment and he organises series of training in leadership, career and life skills every Wednesday for the students (for more than a year now).

He is now about to embark on another mission to do the same thing in another public secondary school

His work has being recognised by the Lagos state government (education)





Seyi Oluyole

Now this would feels like all those dance movie. Seyi’s passion for helping Children has a different approach to it. She focuses on using dance as a means to get kids to school. She offers dance lesson to deprived children, using dance as a method to help them discover themselves and express creativity …. The kid also get chances to perform for other people .






And with education as an end goal in mind, she is organising a free summer camp for children as well as providing them with books, biros and sanders.



Kayito Kayio Kayiot, there is no way to explain what this stylist does. Let’s just experience it through his pictures (these are his works (styling) for models, celebs, etc).





(sorry for so many pictures, but see this styling nowww…..)









In celebrating the faithfulness of God for bringing us this far after 5 years, in the past one week, some members of the set sort it inspiring to create a FUND for H.O.P.E foundation.
This was / is in the spirit of our Anniversary of the faithfulness of God’s goodness. This fund would be used for the forthcoming C.I.T.Y summer leadership camp 2016.

Currently more than 20 members have signed up to this donation and U can be a part of it
Please reach out to Ken Nwanchi or Remi Ademiju to be a part of it
Please use this flier on your social media channel and tag your friend from the set

Let’s raise FUNDS for HOPE of a BETTER society.
God bless you giving

For more info about the program:…/raising-teenage-leaders…


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  1. Cool…..congrats beacon set!… More exploits to be showcased this new year…by your 10th yr…the there wont be room enof to showcase everyones exploit….

  2. Jesus Christ! You guys couldn’t find a better picture of me to use?! hian!!!! Una wan spoil business :'(

  3. It’s so good to see everyone doing exploit. We shall continue to shine bright and be beacons to our generation and generations to come. Happy 5th anniversary to us all. Wow! its already 5years……..

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