Driving sustainability in Nigeria – The sustyvibes way

Driving sustainability in Nigeria - The sustyvibes way

SustyVibes is a start-up company founded by Jennifer Uchendu, an alumnus of Covenant University and graduate of biochemistry (2011) she has a passion for Sustainability, women empowerment and progressive growth in the African Continent.

Jennifer, through her website, www.sustyvibes.com is able to use media to link lifestyle to sustainability. Sustainability, which she describes as ways humans are able to meet each and every of their present needs without compromising the ability of the future to meet theirs.

Founder; Jennifer Uchendu

The website features concepts like sustainable fashion, ecotourism, sustainable living and more to explain what sustainability means and how it can be applied in the African setting, as an ecofeminist, Jennifer is very pro women and the environment and this led her to start up the women un-crushed series where she features African women who have gone through many challenging phases in their lives but have still come out strong to become role models in their society by setting up various organisations that promote human and social development.

For their offline events, SustyVibes goes to schools in Lagos to teach on the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development goals and also organises formal and informal events that promote sustainability.

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