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She sings. She travels. She enjoys teaching and volunteering when given the opportunity to. Temitope Olusola, a Nigerian Social Entrepreneur cum Photographer cum Colour Consultant, is the brain behind Hands On Clay Foundation, which focuses on the development of teenagers and Youths in the society.


With Hands On Clay Foundation, Temi, as she is fondly called, hopes to build a Youth Development center and schools in the nearest future to aid the development of teenagers and Youths in their society by providing all the necessary tools and programs to aid the development of young minds.




When asked about how she found herself on this path, Temi explained,

“The story of how I have gotten to where I am thus far is being deliberate in my walk with God and following His leading. The goal is not be make money or fame, it is to fulfill the purpose of God for my life.”


As a Social Entrepreneur, and a strong believer of “Societal changes comes by investing in young minds”, Temi strongly believes that there’s a lot of work to be done in the Nigerian Educational Sector, in order to churn out effective human capital that Nigeria needs.

 “We are not close to achieving the best in raising the future leaders of tomorrow. My personal experience growing up as a student and my struggles are part of the reason I started this [Hands On Clay Foundation ] by God’s grace.

Apart from our curriculums not matching up to international standards, the teachers need to be properly trained on various teaching methods and learning aids that match different students.”



break out session with the boys at Remand Home, Oregun in Lagos, Nigeria | Hope & Opportunities [a project of HOC]
break out session with the boys at Remand Home, Oregun in Lagos, Nigeria | Hope & Opportunities [a project of HOC]


On Possible Factors Affecting the Educational Sector In Nigeria

“There are a lot of factors that affects a student’s performance. [For instance], What is happening at home?, Is the student dealing with any learning challenge, Is the student psychologically ok?, Self esteem issues? All these needs to be sorted out and should be part of the school’s responsibility.

Let me also mention the difference with the public school education which has less dedicated teachers and the only hope the students might have is when dedicated Youth Corp Members [also known as Corpers], take up the responsibility to teach them properly compared to the private schools. We really have a long way to go but God will help us.”


Temi saw herself gradually morphing into her strong belief in investing in the minds of young people early enough, which is a part of the purpose God has for her life. This purpose vividly reflects the vision behind Hands On Clay Foundation.


The 360 Degree Individual School tour at Our Lady of Apostles, Ibadan, Nigeria
The 360 Degree Individual School tour at Our Lady of Apostles, Ibadan, Nigeria


The Vision behind Hands On Clay Foundation

Hands On Clay started as The 360 degree Individual before it [The 360 degree Individual ] was separated to be a project on its own along with Hope & Opportunities which is another project under Hands On Clay.

Hands On Clay is channeled towards the building, molding and shaping of young individuals to become the all-round individual who is able to function in all areas of life. Helping young minds develop their full potential and not limit themselves.

This implies than as an all A’s student, he/she should be strive to also be the best socially and in other areas and not just only in his/her Academics. We help them discover other sides to them that they might be aware of.


The 360 Degree Individual School Tour and Remarkable Achievements

The 360 Degree Individual is a project under Hands On Clay Foundation.

The aim of the project is to connect to the students on a one-on-one basis and provide mentors that can follow up with them.

With the 360 degree Individual School Tour, they have been able to reach out to over 500 students in Lagos and Ibadan with amazing feedbacks on better performance in academics and in other areas too.


Temi with Speakers at the 360 degree individual school tour
Temi with Speakers at the 360 degree individual school tour



Temi credits ‘team work’ for playing a pivotal role in the tremendous success of Hands On Clay Foundation and its projects.

“I believe team work is everything! No one can do this alone, people who share in your vision and believe in you with dedication is very important and I’m super grateful for my team, we complement one another and we’re like a small family and to answer your question, they play a significant role in the success of Hands On Clay Foundation as a whole. They are the Hands on the Clay.”

Despite this credit, Temi points out that one of the challenges the organization faced and still faces, is building team of dedicated members which is essentially important and of course raising funds for projects.

“We currently have 2 programs under HOC which includes The 360 degree Individual and Hope & Opportunities to bring our vision into reality for young individuals and we have other programs and partnerships we’re working on for progress,” said Temi, when asked about the steps the team has taken to accomplish the vision of Hands on Clay (HOC) foundation and what other steps they would take as Hands On Clay Foundation proceeds with its vision.


HOC and volunteers during a visit to a remand home |Hope & Opportunities | image credit: @ade1da


The Small Things That Still Counts

Prior to embarking on Hands on clay projects, Temi recounts the little practical solutions she spear-headed within her immediate community,

“During my service year (NYSC) I started a counseling program in my school where I served as a teacher because I noticed the struggles the girls were going through, I was also privileged to head the charity group of my CDS where we provided materials and mentorship for  some orphanage homes in Ibadan south west. And there was this time I noticed a little girl in my neighborhood who loved reading books but her parents couldn’t afford to buy them for her, so I called up a few people to donate books and also bought some for her which helped her a lot.”


Temi points out that these little impacts, can turn to bigger impacts that would have rippling effects in target and surrounding communities when the government and  International organizations who are passionate about similar goals partner with social entrepreneurs who are passionate about making changes in the such communities.


Temi (middle) with some of HOC volunteers
Temi (middle) with some of HOC volunteers


In anticipation of the future, Temi says, “I look forward to partnering with international organizations and government agencies in other to reach more teenagers.”  The foundation also looks forward to “Setting up teams and training them to pass it on to their immediate environment”, in order to expand its vision to parts of Africa, and  local communities, that have very little or no access to technology and quality education.


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