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MeetRabbi is an Online coaching and mentoring platform. Find mentors or become one.

MeetRabbi is transitioning through the most unique period in human history—everything evolves at breakneck speed, as fast as an upstart programmer can write an app that displaces a century-old industry.

Leading thinkers, mind experts, and gurus have called this period, a “knowledge age.” The immediate preceding information age with its Internet released such floodgates of information only one’s imagination was their limit.




Imagination is a keyword here, because to everyone who can access the Internet, and that is, everyone, information is available. But how to make knowledge of information?

In every human endeavor now the knowledge age presents new sets of challenges—how to think, how to make sense of data, how to use it appropriately, sensibly, how to develop specific competencies to tackle new problems, what those talents should be, how to achieve mastery at them, what sort of contributions are truly transformational, staying stable amid a constant state of flux…

Information keeps pouring in. The more it does pour in the more unanswered questions abound.

Yet our educational system stays stuck in “the way things have always been.” The conventional curriculums. Curriculums that produce ill-suited graduates even to the information era, not to speak of this one of knowledge.




There’s an increasing need for people to learn how to learn, to learn how to teach and to teach how to teach, how to think, how to develop mastery, how to determine needed skills, how to be and stay relevant.

The idea that is MeetRabbi today was that deep understanding, experience, mastery, yet not discounting intuition, plain old gut, in every endeavor would fit anyone out for any age at all—information, knowledge, or wisdom—let it come as fast as it can.

It takes people, specific people. They’re called mentors.

MeetRabbi believes in mentors. We believe every mentee well mentored can gain the level of mastery that positions them to give their mastery back. Mentor to mentor. Not only that, but to be creative, challenge-ready, problem-solving, born for the era, whatever the era is.




Yes, knowledge begets knowledge, and MeetRabbi, as a platform, is advancing that truth. Really, we have boiled it down to two words, a mantra—Learn. Again.


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