Dana Mroueh, the entrepreneur that makes organic eco-friendly chocolates without threatening her environment

Dana Mroueh, the entrepreneur that makes organic eco-friendly chocolates without threatening her environment



Chocolates are made from the finest cocoa beans hidden in cocoa pods which has to be turned to fine powder to make the finest chocolate. The finest cocoa pods are primarily sourced from Nigeria, Ghana, Ivory Coast and Cameroon, and based on the varying prices of high end chocolates to low end ones, one would expect that these African countries will be swimming in huge returns on this major export product.


Dana Mroueh, a 40 years old Ivorian chocolatier and founder of Mon Choco, is putting Africa back on the map by creating pure organic chocolates which is loved by many in Africa and beyond. Dana’s primary concern is about ensuring that producing her lovely Chocolate bars is friendly to the environment as well as able to ensure everyone, the the cocoa farmers to her staff, is properly rewarded for the hard work that comes with harvesting the finest cocoa worthy of creating the finest chocolate.


Dana uses a manual bicycle grinder to transform carefully selected unroasted cocoa beans into fine Powder. This helps her cut back on electricity cost as well as project her vision for the brand as a truly eco-friendly chocolate company that it claims to be.

Mon Choco is not only famous for being eco-friendly but also for promoting organic chocolates void of additives. In fact, almost the entire process of creating this rich chocolate with high nutritional value involves mostly manual processes (from bean selection, to grinding and other processes peculiar to chocolate making), which has helped the brand retain its originality as opposed to other large scale chocolate factories not opera


The company strives to help tackle Ivory Coast’s huge deforestation issues by using recycled paper for packaging the finished product. The cultivation of cocoa farming in Ivory coast, and major cash crops, is a major contributor to the deforestation issues in the country and by 2034 the country could lose its entire forest.


The company also doesn’t disregard the shell of cocoa. They are used and processed as well. These cocoa shells can be used to create organic soil conditioners for farmers. This rich antioxidant cocoa waste can also be used as gelling agent in the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.


By doing all these, through simple cocoa pods, Mon Choco hopes to enhance the economy of Ivory Coast (a country that produced  over two million tonnes of cocoa annually) as well as help enrich more cocoa farmers.


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