Co-Working Spaces Promoting Startups and SMEs in LAGOS, Nigeria

Co-Working Spaces Promoting Startups and SMEs in LAGOS, Nigeria

Co-Working Spaces Promoting Startups and SMEs in LAGOS, Nigeria


With the rise of SMEs and MSEs in Nigeria, many more startups and businesses require spaces [away from their homes] to run their business smoothly without having to worry about the cost of renting a space.

Literarily, co-working spaces just provide a large space where people can work independently. Some co-working space owners go the extra mile by providing services that would cater to specific needs such as internet, light, office amenities like conference rooms, lobbies, kitchen area, office supplies like printing paper, printer and so on.

These basic services are very okay to some people. However, for professionals in Lagos, and entrepreneurs in Lagos, looking for co-working spaces that not only provide these basic services but also go the extra-extra mile to support the growth of their profession or business, consider these…



  1. Capital Square [Ikoyi and Lekki]

Capital Square has two functional co-working spaces in Lagos. It offers members [and nonmembers] a variety of workshops, training, and networking events that help improve their skills and grow their businesses. Capital Square is home to many notable independent Professionals, Entrepreneurs, Creatives and Innovators.


Capital Square


  1. Seedspace [Ikoyi]

Seedspace is home to many tech entrepreneurs in Lagos. Asides the ambience of the space and basic office amenities, Seedspace focuses on nurturing the ideas of tech entrepreneurs in their community and help grow their business.



  1. Venia Business Hub [Lekki]

Venia Business Hub is home to many startups, SMEs, corporate and multinationals. It boats of having over 5,000 businesses within their network and giving business platforms to hundreds of entrepreneurs in Lagos. Venia Business Hub helps members of their community to start, grow and scale their businesses.


Venia Business Hub 3 Venia Business Hub 2 Venia Business Hub

  1. Smart X Business Hub [Ikeja]

Smart X Business Hub is home to many startups, business consultants, companies and foreigners working briefly in Lagos. It offers top-notch administrative services in addition to Serviced Offices, Virtual Offices, Co-working Spaces, Training rooms, Conference Rooms and much more.


Smart X Business Hub


  1. Wennovation [Ikeja, Lagos]

Wennovation provides a shared work environment where people meet, work, network, share ideas and collaborate on projects. Asides that, Wennovation support startups that are solving socio-economic challenges in their immediate community.




  1. African Hub [Ikeja, Lagos]

African Hub focuses on growing, developing and nurturing startups and MSMEs (Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises) in key sectors such as oil and gas, agriculture, services, healthcare, manufacturing, culture and lifestyle. The hub also offers furnished workspaces, training/meeting rooms plus business support services.




  1. SME hub [Ogba, Lagos]

SME Hub provides co-working spaces for business owners and entrepreneurs. Asides this, users also get a series of training on business development courses to support their business or profession. SME Hub also provides other services like Training and meeting rooms, business address, meeting room, virtual phone number, business branding, and lots more.

Contact: 51-52, Ogba-Ijaiye Road, BesideUBA Bank, Ogba, Lagos

SME hub


  1. 360 Creative Hub [Surulere, Lagos]

360 Creative Hub is home to fashion startups or already existing business looking for a professional studio to build their business without having to worry about getting funds to buy required gadgets. With this fashion, entrepreneurs can focus on creating their brand and building their business. Members have access to straight stitchers, overlock and coverlock, sewing machines (electric + Manual), Industrial sewing, ironing station, hangers and cutting tables, conference room, reception and so on.




  1. Leadspace [Yaba, Ikoyi, Lagos]

Leadspace provides all the basic services that every startup and business needs to run smoothly as well as other services needed to help their business grow.




  1. Fastlaunch [Maryland, Lagos]

Fastlaunch Africa co-working space provides the necessary support for business, professionals or startups to grow from an idea to consumable products or services.




  1. Common Labs [Ogudu, Lagos]

Common Labs, also known as TINK Space, is an off-shoot of TINK Africa, aims to revolutionize the entrepreneur’s approach to work by creating a relaxed and fun-filled atmosphere in addition to basic business amenities. It also provides an immersive 60-day Accelerator Hub designed to support entrepreneurs and startups with personal and official projects – from ideation to execution.



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Image source: Institute of Entrepreneurship Development