Active Growing & Intelligent People AGIP; A Children development initiative

Active Growing & Intelligent People AGIP is an initiative of the Young Breeds Development Initiative whose mantra reads “I am an Active Growing & Intelligent Person. I am:  Mentally sound, Emotionally Strong, Physically Healthy & Socially Active”. This resonates through deep and transformational levels.

AGIP is a Child Development Initiative aimed at integrating non-cognitive development areas into school learning for the holistic development of young primary school children. The bold initiative is driven by a team of individuals passionate about children; their development and well-being, committed to causing positive changes in their lives.

The initiative focuses on primary school students between the 4-11 years and strongly believes that children who are happy, healthy and confident make better learners in school. AGIP has adopted several strategies to build young primary school students; from knowledge sharing sessions/presentations, hands-on activities, practical demonstrations while using audio-visual aids, games to ensuring pupil participation. This is all aimed at instilling knowledge.

AGIP’s target areas of non-cognitive development include mental development, emotional development, physical (health) development & social development.

The premiere AGIP session which held at Aiyetoro Primary School, Akoka Lagos, engaged a total of 60 students within 8-11years. The focus was on two (2) of the primary areas of development, emotional Development and physical development.

Bordering on matters of emotional development, the students were made to have a comprehensive understanding of the simple question “Who Am I?” in a down-to-earth approach.

Also touching on physical development, the students were enlightened on issues regarding their health and their responsibilities to maintaining good health.

Other activities during the session included a reading of a child biography themed ‘Be Inspired’ and a practical hands-on demonstration on hand washing.

It was a truly worthwhile experience.

The remarks of gratitude for the impactful life lessons, acknowledging the value of the service and gifts from AGIP cannot have been more over true.

Uzor Richman a student in primary 5 had this to say; “I want to thank you guys for the things you taught us and the gifts you gave us. Thank you AGIP”.

The teachers were not left out of the experience as the Assistant Head Teacher stated that they are grateful for lessons taught as they were truly things that would benefit the lives of the children.

Certainly, the young mind is a fertile ground that is able to accommodate positive learning skills and values; and this is what AGIP has set to achieve; ‘To raise 400 Active, Growing and Intelligent Pupils within the next two (2) years.’ This is remarkable.

Thanks to the support of friends and individuals who partnered in kind and in cash and to the AGIP team: Akinkugbe Mobalaji, Owoseni Abraham, Adenrele Yetunde, Idowu Tosin, led by Ogunkanmi Olukemi. Kudos!

We look forward to partnerships from individuals and organizations who are passionate about children and their total development towards the subsequent editions of AGIP!

Now, let the pictures speak!

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