#CFSobserve : Ojeifo Joy, the Young Nigerian Who Turned A Social Media Movement #iPledgeToSupportAchild To A Brand With Remarkable Social Impacts


Who cares about the seemingly insignificant social changes happening all around us? ChangeForSociety (CFS) does! This week, CFS observe brings Ojeifo Joy (Nigeria) the founder of Support A Child Foundation.

Behind spotlight and behind her burning passion for relevant social impacts, Joy sings, dances and writes. She is a positive influencer, and she is passionate about rendering relevant services. She loves children, secret service agency jobs, noodles and bread with all my heart.

Joy shares Support A Child Foundation’s journey from being a movement on social media with the hash tag #iPledgeToSupportAchild to becoming a foundation with remarkable impacts.


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CFS: What Was The Inspiration Behind Support A Child Foundation ?

This idea is born out of passion for less privileged children in our society. In addition, I always look out to render relevant service to mankind in general no matter how little.


CFS: Since The Birth Of The Foundation, What Social Change Milestones Have You Been Able To Accomplish Through The Foundation?

Support A Child Foundation recently had her first outreach to IDP (internally Displaced Persons) CAMP Kunchingoro Abuja. The outreach was tagged #iPledgeToSupportAchild.

The reason for this outreach was to provide food, drugs and other materials to the people who where displaced by the Boko-Haram insurgency.


CFS: How Did Your Family And Friends React To Your Vision

They reacted positively even if at the first instance they weren’t sure of what to think, I had family members and friends who believed in me and the idea the instance I told them and others who later supported the vision.



CFS: How Did You Prepare For The Outreach? And What Specific Challenges Did You Encounter?

Before the outreach which held on the 19th day of November 2016, I did a quick tour around the IDP camp to ask questions about their general well-being and total upkeep. I got mostly negative responses, where they complained about lack of food and inadequate health care.

I also discovered that they mostly suffer from malaria, cholera and pneumonia. Malaria, due to the unhealthy environment, Cholera, majorly attached to bad water and Pneumonia, mostly because they sleep on cold floors, no mats no beds.

I decided to set a target for my outreach to raise 100,000 naira to enable me buy food stuff and drugs. Achieving this target wasn’t as difficult as I imagined for over three weeks I had just less than 20,000 naira in the account I got really discouraged at some point and was already settling for “let me just do where my power reach” but then again I got encouraged by one of my friends, Michael Akinkunle Akinrogunde, who handled almost all the media work for the outreach without any pay.

I also encouraged myself with God always makes a way. I finally achieved my target and bought items ranging from Rice, Garri, Millet, Corn, Toiletries etc.


CFS: Did You Work With Volunteers? How Did You Go About Getting Volunteers To Get To The Outreach Venue? And What Were The Challenges You Faced With Managing Volunteers And Securing Their Commitments?

I had volunteers from family and friends who accompanied me to distribute the items and also cheer the children up. The outreach was a huge success. I return all glory to God who gave me the idea and strength to make #iPledgeToSupportAchild a reality.



CFS: What Support Systems Were Helpful In Carrying Out The Vision For Your Most Recent Outreach?

Individual support system. And, Family who told their friends friends who told friends.




CFS: What Future Plans Do You Have For The Foundation?

Support A Child Foundation plans to have yearly projects to support the less privileged in our society.


CFS: Do You Advice Anyone Who Is Passionate About Making Changes In Their Immediate Community To Start A Foundation? (Please Give Reasons For Your Response)

Not necessarily starting a foundation. Support A Child first started as a movement on social media with the hashtag #ipledgetosupportachild then form there it grew.



CFS: What Is Your Advice To Nigerian Government And Nigerians?

I call on well meaning Nigerians to please render support in anyway possible nothing is too small to change someone’s condition. The Nigerian government has to take drastic steps to ameliorate the sufferings of the IDPs by providing them with basic necessities like pipe borne water and clean environment. I advise the government to urgently address the condition of the IDPs. To me they can either be  “instrument of threat or peace to the country depending on how government attends to their needs.”


CFS: Tell us other Amazing Things People Do Not Know About You

I’m most of the time my best company. it’s an irony because people seem to think I have a lot of friends. I’m a very good cook.


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