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Bridge-D-Gap initiative is an educative mentorship group, established to improve child, adolescent and youth development through practical trainings and technical workshops addressing basic transitional issues encountered by young individuals during puberty. Our duty is to educate and empower young individuals with information that will inspire them to make positive and productive decisions in life.


“To become the largest ethical training institute that teaches values, repairs relationships, nurtures dreams and impacts the future of tomorrow’s leaders from today”.

At Bridge-D-gap, we believe that adolescents need positive mentoring and sensitive supervision, but if parents are busy and the teachers are un-approachably stern, these young individuals will be exposed to social vices that will not only destroy them but the purpose of Nigeria’s future as well, which is why we’ve made it our job to repair the link and bridge the gap.

Opeyemi Adesanya, Founder of Bridge – D- Gap initiative


To reinforce ethical values, child responsibility and social competence in Nigeria, through counseling and public lectures, in order to help parents, teachers, young individuals and other members of the society to be intellectually equipped for a civilized future for Nigeria and to also ensure youth empowerment through career mentoring, etiquette training, hygiene and sexual reproductive education. Bridge D gap offers one-on-one counseling for teenagers struggling with basic transitional changes to help them manage puberty in order to produce the most outstanding leaders of tomorrow from today.


Opeyemi on MetroFM


  • To empower adolescents intellectually and emotionally.
  • To train teachers on effective ways to communicate with children and adolescents.
  • To improve parent-child synergy
  • To promote ethical values in Nigeria through trainings.
  • To educate adolescents on the prevalence and prevention of Sexual abuse.
  • To establish friendship and effective communication between teachers and students.
  • To promote quality education and the rights of children beyond Nigeria.
  • To help teenagers, struggling with basic transitional changes to manage puberty more effectively.
  • To promote gender equality in Nigeria.
  • To reduce social vices and truancy in youths and adolescents.

We organize workshops and facilitate programmes in Secondary schools, Higher Institutions, Seminars, corporate outfits and faith based organizations at the convenience of our clients and partners.  –

Our Services

Adolescent Management Trainings for Parents and Teachers

Sexual Reproductive Health Education

Emotional Intelligence Training

Career Counseling and Mentoring

Etiquette Training

Child Right Advocacy

Leadership Training

Child- Parent Mediation


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