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9 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Abraham Owoseni, YOUNG BREEDS Founder

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Abraham Owoseni is a Life Skills and Youth Development Educator. He has been thriving in the educational and youth development landscape for over half a decade.


Abraham reaches out to thousands of young people annually ranging from teenagers to young adults in secondary schools, tertiary institutions, churches, teens and youth groups across his four major spheres of youth development: Spiritual, Physical, Emotional & Career development.


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He is passionate about making the education process holistic through the infusion of life skills in learning and development.


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In 2014, he designed the pioneer Youth Development Center in a state high school in Lagos Nigeria during the National Youth Service Scheme, as a responsive and inclusive learning space to resolve the life skills gap amongst young people. He is a trained Architect from the prestigious Covenant University where he obtained a first class degree and Masters in Architecture and currently serves on the faculty.


He is the founder and team lead of Young Breeds Development Initiative a faith based youth-led organization, promoting children and youth development.



Abraham shares 9 amazing things about himself! See…


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  1. I’m very curious. I question mindsets and philosophies
  2. I rarely see movies
  3. I spend lots of time to think and brood
  4. Writing, scribbling and speaking is like food to me
  5. I hardly know football players
  6. Hey, cycling…that I like. I’m a street biker
  7. I could miss my meal for a day when busy and passionate about a task not yet accomplished
  8. I act very quickly and can play the role of an administrator, teacher, friend, mentor and so on together and swiftly.
  9. I am not shy though my look sometimes say otherwise


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