These 8 Social Innovations Will Greatly Improve Nigeria’s Workforce

These 8 Social Innovations Will Greatly Improve Nigeria’s Workforce

These 8 Social Innovations Will Greatly Improve Nigeria’s Workforce


Nigerians all over the world are known to be very hardworking but the productivity of the labour force (about 29 percent of Nigeria’s population) has often been questioned. According to the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS), some contributors to the low value of productivity include lack of quality educational institutions, investment climate and favorable policy to support businesses.

In spite of these, some social innovations have emerged to help improve the workforce in Nigeria. Some of the changes brought in by these social innovations might not show immediately while some might show instantly. One thing for sure is that these social innovations will greatly improve Nigeria’s workforce in the nearest future. Let’s take a look at some of these social innovations…



  1. Springboard Entrepreneurship Development Initiative

Springboard combats the increasing rate of youth unemployment and the overwhelming urban migration of rural youth which are the major causes of the high crime rate in Nigeria. The initiative transforms rural youth into individuals who see sustainable livelihood opportunities in their communities and give them the skills to facilitate self employment. This achieved by combining organic farming and entrepreneurship in a 6 months practical training and integrated learning experience. This equips them with relevant skills to start their own farm businesses after completing the training.


  1. Slatecube

Slatecube helps job seekers learn industry-relevant skills as courses anywhere, anytime, and on multiple devices. These skill courses are practice-driven and directed towards solving real-life challenges in various job industry. Job seekers are able to job-relevant skills, gain work experience, and land well paying jobs through world-class up-skilling courses and virtual internships.


  1. with its examination preparatory and testing helps candidates excel in all major Nigerian Examinations and tests for high school (also known as secondary school). The study app simulates various exams electronically, tracks progress and provides an explanation to questions.

  1. Yudimy

Yudimy helps students to create their future by guiding them to discover careers that match their potential and make smart decisions in a fast-changing world. First, the platform helps students discover who they are and careers they should explore by digging deep into the student’s personality, interests, abilities and its influence on his/her choices. Thereafter, a student can talk to a counsellor, explore and learn more about career pathways to explore and its prospects, career and education requirements, read live experiences from professionals in that field.

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  1. Stutern

Stutern is a platform that helps students, undergraduates and youth corps with internship opportunities. These internship opportunities cut across different professions. It also helps bridge the gap between employers and talented interns.



  1. Next Gen Africa Initiative

NextGen Africa Initiative (NGAI) is an education organization that is passionate about young people and their ideas. The initiative educates, engages and empowers young people to impact their society positively by providing resources required to realize their dreams and achieve their potentials. In a bid to encourage young people to take leadership roles and boost their capacities as agents for change, NextGen Africa Initiative partners with youth focused organizations and schools to help these young people acquire the needed skills for leadership, entrepreneurship and active citizenship roles.

Next Gen Africa Initiative

  1. Young Breeds

Young Breeds, a registered non-governmental organization, aims to promote purposeful and holistically developed children and youths. This is achieved by creating learning environments for total development.

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Young Breeds

  1. Hands On Clay Foundation

Hands On Clay foundation helps young people discover their hidden potentials and helps them nurture it. The foundation focuses on building, molding and shaping of young individuals to become the all-round individual.

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